Fearless and Happy Houston Outlaws 2023 OWL Playoffs Interview

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Fearless and Happy Houston Outlaws 2023 OWL Playoffs Interview

Although the Houston Outlaws 2023 OWL Playoffs journey didn't end with a trophy, they still felt confident the entire way through.

Fearless you were awarded player of the match today. Do you feel like you're playing at that same playoffs MVP level that you played at last year?


“It feels like I never left the form I was playing in back in last year's playoffs. I'm satisfied with the performance that I'm showing.”

Do you notice anything playing these Eastern teams that's different from playing the Western teams you've been playing all season?


“Maybe it's just because the Eastern teams don't have a lot of teams to play against, but they play very different comps with very different logic behind it. It seems like the Eastern teams prefer slower comps.”

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