FaZe Clan To Host A Charity Drive For George Floyd Memorial Fund

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FaZe Clan To Host A Charity Drive For George Floyd Memorial Fund

FaZe Clan is stepping up to do their part to fight injustice.

Esports organization and owners of CDL team Atlanta FaZe, FaZe Clan, are taking a stand on the current issues affecting America. In a statement released yesterday on Twitter, they’ve made their official stance known on the issues affecting the black community. In this statement, they admitted they should have taken action sooner, but are now pledging their support for Black Lives Matter:

“Over the course of our 10 years leading youth culture, we have not done enough to combat discrimination or racism in our community & among the generation of young adults following our influence… Today, and every day moving forward, we are pledging our voice to take an active role in ending racism and discrimination in our community.”

This isn’t just talk either. They're already taking action to pledge their newfound support for the Black Lives Matter movement. As such, FaZe will host a charity drive featuring their merchandise. Here is what they pledged:

Should you choose to, you can buy from this specific collection of merchandise on FaZe Clan’s official shop. Finally, stay tuned to ESTNN for more news surrounding notable esports organizations and their actions.

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