FaZe Clan Partners with Sugar23 to Start their Own Studio

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FaZe Clan Partners with Sugar23 to Start their Own Studio

FaZe Clan is teaming up with Sugar23 for a huge project.

Top American esports organization FaZe Clan is an unstoppable force both on and offline. Their presence is huge in the esports community. Now, it looks like the Clan has their eyes on a new media prize.

Just this week, the Clan have announced that they will team up with Sugar23. Sugar23 is an on-the-rise creative media platform and will help them to launch FaZe Studios.

The Future of FaZe Clan

The idea of this new esports studio is the brainchild of famed Sugar23 founder Michael Sugar. This collaboration between the two companies will focus on creating original film and short TV projects for future FaZe Clan viewers.

Here is what Sugar has to say in a recent press release:

“Given the state of the world, we are all looking to find community. I have always been drawn to the gaming world because of the way it brings people together, even from isolation. FaZe Clan fills a unique void in the content world, and with their immense reach and captive audience, they have grown into ambassadors of culture and the voice of a generation. I’m so happy my colleague Brad Foxhoven brought Sugar23 and FaZe together.

Our exciting partnership will look to drive, create and acquire content tailored to FaZe’s audience, thereby extending their brand into the traditional content space. We are thrilled to partner with Lee, Femi and their incredible team over at FaZe Clan to bring FaZe Studios to life.”

What We Know

Through this collaboration, FaZe Studios is hoping to try and introduce “culturally impactful” film and TV programs. They'll focus on a mostly youth audience. While there has been little talk regarding what the shows would be about, there is no doubt esports. There will also most likely be semi-documentary style projects being produced too.

Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan, commented on the partnership too:

“Creating compelling content has always been at the center of FaZe Clan’s identity, so this is a natural progression for us. Throughout our 10 year history, FaZe Clan has been connecting with an enormous youth culture audience that eludes many of the traditional entertainment players. It’s an audience that behaves and consumes differently and requires dynamic thinking.

Michael and his team at Sugar23 completely understand that. Working in tandem with Oluwafemi Okusanya who helms FaZe Clan’s content team, FaZe Studios is the evolutionary step in delivering new types of content to our audience. We don’t believe youth culture has abandoned longform content but they want content that uniquely speaks to them.”

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