Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man’s Sky in 2023

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Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man’s Sky in 2023

Unlock the mysteries of No Man's Sky's alien races, from the Gek's craftsmanship to the Vy'keen's warrior spirit, and meet the enigmatic Autophage and Sentinels

No Man's Sky, the vast and ever-evolving universe created by Hello Games, has continued to captivate players since its release in 2016. One of the most intriguing aspects of this game is the diverse array of alien races that inhabit its universe. In this article, we'll take a closer look at three prominent alien races in No Man's Sky: the Gek, Korvax, and Vy'keen, as well as the mysterious Autophage and the aggressive Sentinels. As of 2023, these races have become integral to the game's rich lore and player interactions.

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man's Sky in 2023
Credit: NoMansSky wiki

Finding and Interacting with Alien Races

Before diving into the specifics of each race, it's essential to understand how to interact with them. Meeting these alien races can significantly impact your journey in No Man's Sky, affecting trading, rewards, and even your standing with these entities. Here are some ways to encounter them:

  1. Shelters on Planets: These facilities often house intelligent lifeforms. Your initial interaction with them presents a choice that can shape your relationship with their race.
  2. Space Stations: While checking the trade terminal at space stations, you may encounter aliens for trading or interaction.
  3. Helping in Space: Coming to the aid of a convoy under attack by pirates can earn you favor with certain alien races.
  4. Relics (history, treasure and language): Monoliths, plaques, and other relics provide insights into different races and can change your reputation with them.

Now, let's delve into the details of each of the primary alien races in No Man's Sky.

Gek – Space Lizards

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man's Sky in 2023
Credit: Reddit User Foxy_Dee

The Gek are a lizard-like race known for their craftsmanship and resourcefulness. While they are semi-aquatic and often found underwater, they can also be encountered on land and in space. Here are some key traits of the Gek:

  • Craftsmanship: The Gek are skilled builders and crafters. They may request resources from you, and assisting them can earn rewards.
  • Technology: Many interactions with the Gek involve technology and knowledge. They appreciate solving puzzles and using their intelligence.
  • Rewards: Choosing less optimal options in interactions with the Gek can sometimes lead to rewards, such as blueprints.
  • Peaceful Nature: The Gek are generally easygoing and amiable, making them one of the more approachable alien races.
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Korvax – Space Robots

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man's Sky in 2023
Credit: Polygon

The Korvax are a highly intelligent, robotic race with humanoid features. They value science, knowledge, and tradition. Here are some characteristics of the Korvax:

  • Mechanical Makeup: The Korvax appear to be robots but possess human-like qualities. Their moods are reflected in the lights on their faces.
  • Knowledge and Tradition: Science and tradition hold immense importance for the Korvax. Their interactions often involve rites of passage and questions related to their history.
  • Learning Their Language: Learning the Korvax language is key to gaining their favor, as it allows for better communication and understanding.
  • Helping and Respect: Assisting the Korvax in various ways, such as aiding them in the wild, can earn you their goodwill.

Vy'keen – Space Vikings

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man's Sky in 2023
Credit: Reddit User untitled314159

The Vy'keen, often compared to vikings, are a warrior race known for their straightforward and serious nature. Here's what you need to know about the Vy'keen:

  • Warriors: The Vy'keen are skilled in combat and are often found in space stations working on weapons and conducting experiments.
  • Direct Communication: Interactions with the Vy'keen may involve grunts and straightforward actions. They appreciate decisiveness.
  • Rewards: Despite their rough exterior, the Vy'keen are willing to help players. Assisting them can lead to rewards, including weapons and technology.
  • Dislikes: They dislike cowardice and hesitation. Courage and a readiness to become stronger are traits they admire.

Autophage: A New Race in 2023

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man's Sky in 2023
Credit: No Man's Sky

In the Echoes update released in 2023, No Man's Sky introduced a brand-new alien race known as the Autophage. These mechanical constructs bring fresh content and experiences to the game:

  • Robotic Civilization: The Autophage are visually diverse and autonomous machines with a rich history waiting to be uncovered, similar to the Korvax but more hardware-focused.
  • Narrative Exploration: Players can engage in an expansive narrative-based mission that delves into the Convergence, the Atlas, and the universe's deep truths.
  • Unique Rewards: Completing missions related to the Autophage can reward players with exclusive items, including the Voltaic Staff, a new Multi-Tool with a unique animation set.
  • Language Learning: Just like with other alien races, learning the Autophage language is crucial for effective communication and building rapport.
  • Procedural Missions: Players with good standing among the Autophage can undertake procedurally generated missions, earning reputation, new words, unique rewards, and more.
  • Customization: The Autophage offer a range of customization options, including mechanical and cloth-based customizations, allowing players to create unique looks.

Sentinels – Protectors of the Universe

In the expansive universe of No Man's Sky, the Sentinels, a mechanical race, serve as both protectors and overseers of the cosmos, and this article explores their diverse types, behavior, and the enduring mysteries surrounding their lore and origins. Regarding their origins, they remain an enigmatic puzzle with theories ranging from them being ancient, self-replicating machines predating other races to serving as ecological guardians preserving planetary balance. Their perplexing connection to the Atlas, a central cosmic entity, suggests a profound cosmic purpose that eludes complete player understanding.

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The Sentinels are not a uniform race; instead, they encompass various types, each with its own unique characteristics and functions. Understanding these types is essential for navigating encounters with these mechanical entities:

Regular Sentinels:

  • Sentinel Drone: The basic surveillance unit that monitors player activities.
  • Sentinel Repair Drone: Provides maintenance and support for damaged Sentinels.
  • Sentinel Heavy Combat Drone: Engages players aggressively in combat scenarios.
  • Sentinel Summoner Drone: Calls for reinforcements when threats are detected.
  • Sentinel Quad: Common patrolling units with varying levels of aggression.
  • Sentinel Hardframe Battle Mech: Formidable bipedal robots equipped with powerful weaponry.
  • Sentinel Walker: Walker Sentinels deployed during extreme planetary disruptions or challenges to Sentinel authority.
  • Sentinel Interceptor: Monitors space activities and responds to violations.
  • Sentinel Capital Ship: Impressive vessels that oversee sentinel operations and control space encounters.

Corrupted Sentinels:

  • Corrupted Sentinel Drone: Represents a corrupted version of the basic surveillance unit.
  • Corrupted Sentinel Quadruped: A corrupted quadrupedal unit, posing unique challenges with its altered behavior.


The Sentinels' behavior is characterized by a hierarchy of responses, depending on the actions of players within the game:

  • Neutral: In most cases, Sentinels adopt a neutral stance, observing and monitoring players' activities. They may issue warnings for minor infractions but generally allow exploration and resource gathering.
  • Aggressive: Engaging in activities that violate Sentinel protocols, such as mining protected resources, can trigger an aggressive response. Sentinels will attempt to deter players using non-lethal force.
  • Hostile: Continuous aggression or severe infractions can lead to Sentinels adopting a hostile stance. In this state, they employ lethal force and actively pursue players, making escape a challenging endeavor.


Whether you're trading with the Gek, delving into the knowledge of the Korvax, or facing the warriors of the Vy'keen, these alien races offer unique interactions and rewards, making No Man's Sky a truly immersive and ever-evolving gaming experience. As the game continues to evolve, players can look forward to more exciting updates and discoveries in this vast universe.

Exploring the Mysterious Alien Races of No Man’s Sky in 2023
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