10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023: Resurgence

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10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023: Resurgence

Let’s take a look at the redemption and re-emergence of Hello Games’s epic space exploration and adventure game and why you should buy No Man's Sky in 2023

No Man’s Sky was first released worldwide in 2016. The game had its fair share of critics since it was first launched, and while many applauded the technical achievements the company was able to have in the generated universe, others found the gameplay and progression to be lackluster. However, with time, the tiny team of people at Hello Games have worked tirelessly to improve the game and add expansions to its universe. Thus after many years, No Man’s Sky has started to gather a new base of players in 2023.

From Controversy To Redemption: 10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023

Here are 10 reasons for you to buy No Man’s Sky in 2023 – 

1. Improving Universe

10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023: Resurgence
Credit: No Man's Sky Wiki

Over the years, the developers have worked tirelessly to expand the horizons of this action-adventure game. The addition of different planets, seamless traveling between planets, different vehicles and missions have made the game much more compelling. Finding unique and captivating new environments is only one of the reasons behind this thriller gaining new admirers in recent times.

2. Enormous Map

No Man’s Sky’s team have done an amazing job at adding features and enlarging the map of the game. Players now have a ridiculous scale of 18 quintillion planets to discover and explore. This ensures that the game is now an immersive experience of the highest order, and offers a gigantic scope of experiences for players purchasing the game. Our article on The Mind-Boggling Scale of No Man's Sky's Universe Map Size dives further into the unfathomable map size of this thriller. 

3. Base Building

No Man's Sky introduced base building as a fundamental gameplay mechanic. Players can construct their own bases on planets, complete with various facilities like farms, research stations, and trading posts. Players have complete control over the designs of their base. They have to go through an elaborate series of events such as gathering such as minerals, plants and gas to construct the bases. Players can have teleporters to seamlessly travel between all the bases that they have made and even share their bases with friends.

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4. Anomalies

Anomalies are exciting aspects of No Man's Sky that take you beyond the surface of planets and into the vastness of the cosmos. Space anomalies are mysterious phenomena that can be discovered while exploring deep space. These anomalies serve as portals to new experiences, challenges, and opportunities within the game. 

Anomalies often feature narrative encounters with unique characters and storylines, which can provide insight into the game's lore and history. The Anomaly, known as Nexus, allows you to interact with other players, join missions, and participate in community events. Nexus is a central hub for player interaction and collaboration. Anomalies add depth and variety to the No Man's Sky experience, encouraging players to venture beyond the confines of planets and engage with the wider universe.

5. Creature Taming And Riding

10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023: Resurgence
Credit: pcgamer

No Man's Sky introduced the ability to tame and ride certain creatures on the planets you discover. The players have to go through a systematic process to proceed to tame the creatures. This includes growing plants and using them as bait to feed them, and bonding with them through continuous interactions. 

This feature adds a new dimension to exploration, as you can use these creatures as mounts to traverse landscapes more quickly. Different creatures may have distinct abilities or traits, and players can form bonds with them, enhancing the sense of connection to the game's living, breathing universe. You can also customize by adding cosmetic items like saddles to your companion.

6. Deep Space Exploration

Deep space exploration is one of the key attractions of this thrilling journey. In No Man's Sky, space is not just a backdrop but a rich environment waiting to be explored. You can hop into your starship and venture into the void of deep space, traveling between star systems in search of new discoveries. Players must use the Galactic Map, a tool that allows you to plot courses between star systems. 

Each star system is unique, with its own planets, resources, and potential discoveries. After progressing in the game, you have the opportunity to acquire a freighter, a massive capital ship that can serve as your mobile base in deep space. You can use it to engage in space battles and earn valuable rewards and salvageable technology.

7. Diverse Playstyles

No Man's Sky has further evolved to a game that embraces diverse playstyles, allowing players to choose how they want to experience and interact with the universe. Here are some of the different playstyles and their focus in the game – 

  • Explorer: Explorers are motivated by the desire to chart new territories, find unique flora and fauna, and uncover breathtaking landscapes on planets.
  • Trader: Traders seek to amass wealth through buying, selling, and trading resources across the galaxy and become interstellar entrepreneurs.
  • Builders: Builders aim to design and build aesthetically pleasing or functional bases on planets, leaving their mark on the universe.
  • Combatant: Combatants engage in space battles, skirmishes with hostile creatures, and confrontations with sentinel forces. They seek to become skilled combat pilots.
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8. Multiplayer Experience

No Man’s Sky had evolved continuously throughout its existence, adding multiplayer feature along the way. This addition allows players to team up with friends or join a community of fellow explorers. You can now collaborate on missions, build bases together, or simply explore the universe as a group. Gaming with other players, especially friends, drastically enhances the social aspect  and overall appeal of the game.

9. Cross-Platform Play

No Man's Sky's cross-platform play is a significant advantage in 2023. It means that players on different gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, can explore the universe together and interact in the same game world. Cross-platform play creates a unified, interconnected galactic universe that transcends individual gaming platforms. 

This means that players from different platforms can encounter each other's bases, discover each other's discoveries, and interact within the same game world. This feature fosters a more vibrant and diverse player community and allows friends with different gaming setups to collaborate or compete in the game, regardless of their chosen platform.

10. VR Support

No Man's Sky supports a variety of VR headsets, including but not limited to the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and PlayStation VR. This broad compatibility ensures that players with various VR hardware setups can enjoy the game.

The VR Support has an elaborate setup of Comfort Settings, increasing its ability to accommodate players with motion sickness. Overall, this system transforms the game into an even more immersive and captivating experience, allowing players to step directly into the universe they're exploring.

Final Thoughts: Discover The Expanded Universe

No Man’s Sky has gathered a new batch of followers after continuously working to better the game into a more lucrative experience. There are more and more things they are getting right as of 2023 and you should definitely consider buying it now!

10 Reasons To Buy No Man’s Sky in 2023: Resurgence
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