League of Legends: Evil Geniuses Sign Jizuke

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League of Legends: Evil Geniuses Sign Jizuke

Former Vitality mid laner “Jiizuke” di Mauro is set to sign for North American team Evil Geniuses.

The report from ESPN comes as Evil Geniuses failed to sign former Griffin mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, who will instead join DragonX.

Jiizuke will join fellow new signing Bae “Bang” Jun-sik who joined from 100 Thieves earlier in the free agency window and Kumo and Zeyzal, who joined from Cloud9. With Bang and Jiizuke both being imports, it’s expected that Svenskeren will now seek to obtain NA residency this offseason.

ESPN also reported that Evil Geniuses failed in a multi-million dollar offer for Chovy, who instead took a lesser deal to join former Griffin coach cvMax at DragonX.

As a result of this deal, Evil Geniuses will field a starting roster of:

Top – Kumo

Jungle – Svenskeren

Mid – Jiizuke

ADC – Bang

Support – Zeyzal

Evil Geniuses, who acquired the Echo Fox LCS spot back in September, have a roster that may just shake up the LCS. With youth talent, experience and a plucky Italian in the mid lane, Evil Geniuses will be looking to be a force to not be messed with in 2020.

While major roster changes and imports can cause uncertainty at first, especially when you have a new bot lane duo and mid laner, Evil Geniuses – at least on paper – has the makings of a solid roster.

League of Legends: Evil Geniuses Sign Jizuke
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