Evil Geniuses Hint at Upcoming Changes to the LCS Roster in a Vague Twitter Statement

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Evil Geniuses Hint at Upcoming Changes to the LCS Roster in a Vague Twitter Statement

Former LCS champions might field a different roster for the 2023 LCS Summer Split.

After winning the first and only LCS championship in the organization’s history in the 2022 Spring, Evil Geniuses were dubbed as the next powerhouse in the North American League of Legends. Their roster a combination of young native talent and a couple of veteran imports, many expected EG to continue winning. But expectations never turned into reality.

The team first fell short in the Summer of 2022 after their star bot laner Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki benched himself during the playoffs due to health and personal problems, which were alleged to be caused by mistreatment on the side of Evil Geniuses. For the 2023 Spring, EG lost another big piece of their championship roster on top of Danny, as Jeong “Impact” Eon-young joined FlyQuest. The organization tried to replace them with Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho and Victor “FBI” Huang, but they fell short of expectations once again. After a very shaky regular season, Evil Geniuses made it to the playoffs as the fifth seed and were knocked out by Golden Guardians in a shocking 0-3 series.

While the Spring Split overall was disappointing for Evil Geniuses, they also had a lot of out-of-Rift issues like players contracting COVID at one point in the season and having to play remotely. The expectation was for EG to run this roster for at least one more split considering the circumstances. But in a surprising fashion, Evil Geniuses shared a statement on their Twitter today, saying they will be making roster changes before the Summer Split.

The statement said to expect further announcements in the upcoming days and didn’t hint at any specific player. All five players in the current Evil Geniuses LCS roster are under contract until November of 2024, according to Riot’s official Global Contract Database.

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Fans online quickly started speculating on which players would be the ones getting replaced. Two biggest candidates were FBI and Ssumday who joined the three-man core later and didn’t have stellar performances during playoffs. Another possible roster change can come in the support position. Although he is widely regarded as the best support in the league, Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme put out a tweet that read “Expect the unexpected,” which casts some doubt about his future with the team.

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Evil Geniuses Hint at Upcoming Changes to the LCS Roster in a Vague Twitter Statement
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