ESTNN Exclusive: OTK Cyr Interview

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ESTNN Exclusive: OTK Cyr Interview

OTK is one of the biggest names in streaming. While the organization has a major stake in the gaming space, OTK is about content creation that spans all genres, making the members of OTK a perfect fit as hosts for Allied Esports' ELEVATED.

Recently, ESTNN got the opportunity to interview one of said OTK members, content creator Cyr. There were a few scheduling conflicts, so this interview is coming out a wee bit later than intially planned (As you'll be able to tell from some of the questions), but that's neither here nor there. We're still happy to have had the opportunity to speak with Cyr about ELEVATED.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview!

Question: How did you feel about ELEVATED When Allied Esports approached your organization for season 2? Did you tune in to season 1 of ELEVATED?


Answer: After having seen season 1, I was excited to take on the challenge and see how we could make this season hit harder and feel like a real adventure. We had some exciting contestants and we wanted to really challenge them to create great content and test their creative abilities.

Question: ELEVATED isn't a walk in the park, and the judges don't pull their criticism punches. It is not a competition everyone is cut out for. I recall Asmongold remarking that one streamer would be well in his niche as a WoW streamer but wouldn't have general appeal. As such, said streamer didn't move on to the next round. 

But WoW, in particular, and gaming, in general, are very massive niches, and plenty of streamers make it big by only doing gaming content. For better or worse, ELEVATED takes a lot of streamers out of their comfort zone and has challenged them to do content they may never do again, like reactions or IRL. 

While ELEVATED’s format can “force” streamers to go even further beyond, do you think the amount of variety in the challenges somewhat hampers the competition? People just aren't good at some things. Nikola Tesla was brilliant at what he knew, but he probably wasn't any good with a basketball. 


Answer: Not everybody is going to be good at all the challenges. I’ll be honest, I likely would’ve been underprepared for some of them. Formal challenges in general are my weakness. 


Ultimately, it’s important to remember one thing: all of this about entertainment, it’s about being a streamer. Regardless of if you’re good at a specific challenge, can you make us laugh? Will you still be entertaining? Streaming is about adapting, and ultimately nobody cares what’s happening unless they’re being entertained. I think that elevated does a great job at exposing this strength and weakness in talent.

Question: OTK is no stranger to shining a light on up-and-comers in the gaming industry with things like the OTK Games Expo. Would OTK ever consider hosting their own competition strictly for gaming content creators? A competition where a streamer could earn the chance to join OTK, perhaps? It might be hard finding the next big gaming streamer if they drop out of the competition because their IRL streaming has the appeal of Mr. Crocker ASMR. 


Answer: I can tell you as a fact that certain members of OTK including myself would absolutely love to host a competition with gaming streamers. While that would be fun, you need to remember that OTK is a diverse content organization, and just because someone would be great at games doesn’t mean they’d be a good fit as a personality to join. Now, if it were a balance of both, that would be a challenge I’d love to take on.

Question: Speaking of the OTK Games Expo, the 2023 event kicks off in about two weeks. Are you excited for the event?


Answer: The Games Expo is one of my favorite events ever. Listen, any excuse for me to put on a suit and get on camera is something I’m gonna love. I can’t wait to announce all the upcoming games, see everyone’s reaction, including Tectone. I love that dude's reactions. I also just love the whole production process. I can’t wait.

Question: Last week, you got to host an episode of ELEVATED. How was the experience? Did you enjoy it, and if Allied Esports wanted to partner with OTK again for a future season, would you come back?


Answer: Hosting Elevated was actually pretty challenging for me. I feel like you get to know yourself a little bit after each time you host a show or an event. It keeps you on your toes and it’s your responsibility to keep the flow of things and keep it moving. I’d be pleased to work again with Allied Esports. I had a good time with everyone on set especially, and they were so chill to work with. They also complimented me a lot as well after, so yeah obviously I’m coming back! 

Question: Was there anything you wished were different about ELEVATED? What's one thing you think ELEVATED could do to improve the show in later seasons?


Answer: I could be selfish, but next time I would like to be included in some of the challenges with the contestants and do some improv bits with them and have a chance to be creative with them. I think this is important to show chat that we the hosts have to be just as much on our toes and still are challenged to this day. (Especially when it comes to streamers actually having to work.) 

Question: The Grand Finals of ELEVATED are this week. Who is your pick for winning it all? Have you become a personal fan of any of the competitors on the show?


Answer: Mayorwertz was pretty much my W man through and through. He brings an essence of professional confidence and preparation time and time again. He had continued to succeed through each episode and make everyone laugh. He did everything right. The contestants definitely made me want to get back to the drawing board and be creative.

Question: It's getting close to your 2-year anniversary as a member of OTK. Do you have anything special planned for the occasion? 


Answer: Yes, I’ll be streaming. Everyone should definitely join and subscribe, of course, at

Question: I'd like to end the interview on a lighter gaming-related note. What has been your favorite video game of 2023 so far, and what release are you most looking forward to in the second half of the year?


Answer: If I would’ve actually answered this question on time, you’d have a different answer because it wasn’t out yet, but my answer is Diablo 4. I’m a big fan of Diablo, I get immersed in it, it’s challenging and addicting. Now, if I look deep down and ask what my heart says, my favorite game I’ve played this year was Valheim. Now the ULTIMATE game? The games I play with your mom when I don’t text her back.

Thanks again for your time Cyr!


ESTNN Exclusive: OTK Cyr Interview
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