OTK ELEVATED Season 2 Starts Now: Who Will Become The Next Top Streamer?

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OTK ELEVATED Season 2 Starts Now: Who Will Become The Next Top Streamer?

Content creation has come a long way over the years. It has gone from something people did for fun to a viable career path. But making it as a content creator is far from easy. Many streamers grind out content daily, year after year, and put out Herculean effort hoping to get noticed by the trending algorithm once. ELEVATED strives to ease some of those troubles to help smaller streamers take their passions even higher. 

Season 1 of ELEVATED debuted last March and achieved notable success. Over the course of four episodes, various up-and-coming streamers strove to prove their worth as content creators who competed for daily prizes. The Botez Sisters on the Allied Esports HitPointOne Twitch channel hosted the debut season of ELEVATED, and it garnered over 10 million live views and over 3 million VOD views. 

This year, ELEVATED is going even further beyond with higher stakes and more prizes. Presented by Progressive Insurance, Allied Esports Studios, an Allied Gaming & Entertainment Inc. subsidiary, has teamed up with streaming juggernaut organization OTK for season 2. 

New Hosts Every Episode

Each episode of ELEVATED will be hosted by a different prominent streamer
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Season 2 of ELEVATED will have ten episodes instead of ten. Hosts will rotate each episode with prominent streamers in the streamer space making appearances, like various OTK juggernauts, including Asmongold, Emiru, Esfandtv, and Tectone. The first episode debuted yesterday, with NMPLOL serving as the welcoming host. 

In the preliminary rounds, Hosts will judge streamers and decide if they can move on to the next round.

Hosts will invite six qualifying streamers onto the stream and then the show will begin. present them with the day's challenge. In each episode, the hosts will put the contestants through various unorthodox challenges to see if they have what it takes to be the next top streamer. They will then grade these up-and-comers on various attributes like creativity, presentation, appeal, and speaking abilities. The hosts will not hold back either, providing fair but blunt criticism of flaws in their performances.

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After learning of the episode's challenge, contestants must put on a presentation and show their best stuff. After viewing each presentation, the hosts will deliberate on their performances and bring the contestants back one by one. Once all the hosts have finished their assessment and provided feedback, they and the live chat will vote on whether a streamer can move on to the next round. Streamers who receive two or more NO votes get eliminated. Those who receive  three or more YES votes get to move on. 1-4 streamers could face elimination each episode. The number of new challengers in the next episode equals the number of streamers eliminated in the previous one.

ELEVATED launches every Wednesday and Thursday for the next five weeks, with the various Twitch channels of the rotating hosts serving as the battleground where you can catch the action. Lucky contestants who make it to the grand finals will face one final challenge and show off what they have learned in person. 

$50,000 Grand Prize and more

Grand finalists have a chance to win the ultimate prize of $50,000 dollars with live chat fan voting deciding the winner of this season. Finalists will also earn a spot in the Allied Esports Mentorship program to help further hone their skills as content creators. They will also be featured members of the Allied Esports season 2 docuseries, known as WANNABE. 

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 Even if streamers don't win it all, the exposure is a good enough incentive to encourage newcomers to give ELEVATED a shot.

Along with all these enticing prizes, streamers also benefit from exposure to the massive collective audience of ELEVATED's hosts. Even if they don't go all the way, they will still get their names, faces, and content out there to many potential new followers and subscribers. Each episode also ends with a live chat decided raid onto one of the contestants' streams. 

Commenting on the idea behind ELEVATED's second season and the partnerships with Progressive Insurance and OTK, Yinghua Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Allied Gaming & Entertainment, stated, “By joining forces with OTK for ELEVATED Season Two, we aim to amplify the show's reach and leverage its mission to enhance the lives of ELEVATED contestants by facilitating their growth and bolstering their streaming careers. Our extended collaborations and partnerships reinforce the efficacy of Allied's content strategy and our steadfast commitment to working in alliance with content creators and harnessing our renowned assets to provide quality, unparalleled, entertaining content to our devoted audience.”

Tune in every Wednesday and Thursday to see who will be ELEVATED to the status of the next top streamer!


OTK ELEVATED Season 2 Starts Now: Who Will Become The Next Top Streamer?
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