Esports Talent Agency Rumble Gaming Partners with Gaming Org Fade2Karma

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Esports Talent Agency Rumble Gaming Partners with Gaming Org Fade2Karma

Rumble Gaming and Fade2Karma have announced their new partnership today. They will collaborate to expand their viewer bases and bring esports and gaming content to more people. Both companies are known for bringing their brands and creators to prominence and the partnership is a promising one indeed.

Rumble Gaming is an esports talent agency that connects brands from across the world through various forms of media. Meanwhile, Fade2Karma is a leader in providing esports entertainment and educational content. With the help of their content creators, F2K consistently ranks among the five top esports organizations on Twitch. Considering how well the two companies match up, this is sure to be a significant development in the esports world.

President of Rumble Gaming Evan Kubes commented on the exciting partnership:

“F2K is a pioneer in the esports space, having implemented data analytics across all of its brand partnerships. The organization’s use of technology to measure, target, and pivot campaigns on the fly has given F2K a reputation and track record of success that remains unmatched across the gaming ecosystem. We’re very excited to collaborate on new opportunities.”

Likewise, CEO of Fade2Karma shared his thoughts on the matter:

“We are excited to be working with Rumble Gaming, bringing the F2K Gaming brand to a broader, international consumer base. This partnership will further our growth for the team, securing key partnerships with future endemic and non-endemic partners.”

For now, this partnership looks like it will be fulfilling for all those involved. We'll just have to wait and see how big of an impact it can have on the esports and gaming scenes in the future!

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