Escape from Tarkov Wipe! New 0.13 Patch Goes Live

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Escape from Tarkov Wipe! New 0.13 Patch Goes Live

It's time for the Escape from Tarkov Wipe. With it, comes Patch 0.13.

The Streets Open

While Escape from Tarkov lead developer Nikita promised us that the new map, Streets of Tarkov would go live this year, they ended up cutting it relatively close, didn't they? At least you can enjoy the new map for now without having to fear being mowed down by bloodthirsty loot goblins carrying an entire platoon's worth of gear because all the progression will also wipe. This means everyone is back at square one and those trader reputations will have to be leveled once again. (Just on the side here, Escape from Tarkov is also on sale at the moment, as well as the various upgrades to other editions.)

So if you want to get back into Tarkov or want to join what is still one of the best multiplayer shooters around, now is a perfect time. An early wipe means you'll have a much more active community of players willing to group up with you and you'll also have a more even playing field until everyone is armed to the teeth again.

Escape from Tarkov Wipe

The biggest update to Escape from Tarkov with 0.13 is their biggest map yet, Streets of Tarkov. A sprawling map set in the titular city of Tarkov is now a hotspot for banditry and urban warfare. The Streets of Tarkov are also the genesis of all the events in the story of Escape from Tarkov. There'll be a bunch of quests and lore tidbits here.

For now, the map will include “part of the city of Tarkov, located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. This part of the location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket, and other objects of urban infrastructure.” Similar to the Lighthouse map, additional sections will expand the map even further.

The goal is to have a total of 40 PMCs on the map once all of it is released, so it should already serve plenty of opportunity for the usual Tarkov antics. But check out this trailer to get a better impression:


And of course, a new patch brings all sorts of gameplay improvements and new content. Here are some of the highlights and you can find the full patch notes here.

Repair kits and enhancements

  • Weapons, body armor, and plate carriers can now receive a standard or rare improvement when repaired via repair kits;
  • The ability to enhance items opens at level 10 of the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor;
  • Rare enhancements can only be applied at the elite level of the corresponding skill;
  • The chance and strength of a normal standard enhancement depends on the level of the corresponding skill;
  • For body armor and plate carriers, the enhancement reduces the damage a character receives;
  • Weapons can have two kinds of enhancements at the same time. The first is a decrease in malfunction chance, and the second is an accuracy increase;
  • The enhancement is effective within a certain range of the item's technical condition (or armor points) and will be removed in case of another repair;
  • The enhancement and its value affect the value of the item – the selling price, insurance, Flea Market fee;
  • The Intelligence skill now affects the amount of repair points that will be spent on repairs;
  • Now the value of the removed max durability of an item when repairing via repair kits depends on the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor.  For other items with durability points it is Intelligence.


  • Added new skill – Light Armor

The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, wear of armor when repairing, and damage from melee weapons when struck in the armor.

  • Added new skill – Heavy Armor

The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, blunt damage to parts covered by the armor, and wear of armor when repairing.

  • Reworked the Charisma skill

This skill's progression affects the price of insurance, paid extracts, replacement of operational tasks, price of the Scav Box, and Therapist's healing services.

Weapons and equipment

  • Added GP-25 “Kostyor” 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AK family automatic rifles with a compatible barrel mount;
  • Added M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AR-15 rifle family with appropriate barrel length and compatible handguards;
  • Added SR-2M “Veresk” 9×21 submachine gun, with an SR-2MP upgrade kit, standard-issue KP-SR2 sight, 20- and 30-round magazines;
  • Added Steyr AUG A1 and A3 5.56×45 assault rifles, with modifications and magazines for 10, 30 and 42 rounds;
  • Added Glock 19X 9×19 with 19, 24 and 31-round magazines;
  • Added RSH-12 12.7×55 assault revolver;
  • Added new equipment.


Added two new upgrade levels for the shooting range. The new levels allow you to set up a variety of shooting targets, including moving targets, and use the training program to improve your shooting accuracy.

Added 5 new stimulants

  • Obdolbos 2

A syringe with a homemade drug, developed by Sanitar. A new version of the old classic. Looks like TerraGroup Labs' experiments did not end with the closure of TerraGroup Labs itself.

  • SJ12 TGLabs

Developed for the operatives of special units. Slows down some functions of the body and they temporarily start working with energy regeneration. The drug forces the release of vasopressin in the hypothalamus, which leads to a change in the work of the adrenal glands, lowers body temperature and increases perception. After the end of the action, there is usually a jump in temperature to 40-42 degrees as a compensation for the incorrect functioning of the body systems.

  • Perfotoran (Blue Blood)

A blood substitute with the function of oxygen transfer, used as a powerful antidote capable of relieving toxins, poisons, and radiation damage. It was developed by Soviet scientists in the 1980s. It is a submicron emulsion based on PFO compounds. Once in the blood, it temporarily speeds up the metabolism and regenerates tissues. Negatively affects health in case of overdose or rejection.

  • Trimadol

An opioid synthetic analgesic developed for special forces operatives. It has a central and spinal cord action (promotes opening of K+ and Ca2+ channels, causes hyperpolarization of membranes and inhibits conduction of pain impulses). In addition to the analgesic effect, it increases combat characteristics. Overdose leads to exhaustion of the body after the effects wear off.

  • PNB (Product 16)

A combat stimulant. Developed by TerraGroup Labs, labeled PNB. Allows a short-term activation of the inner muscles, bringing them into a state of hypertonicity, which in turn reduces the received damage. At the same time there is an active synthesis of proteins for accelerated tissue regeneration. Used for the expansion of the organism abilities at the key moment of the combat. Allowed for use by Special Forces. Has some side effects.

Reworked the sound mechanics

  • Steam Audio has been completely removed from the project and replaced with Oculus Audio. The sound positioning system changes will be noticeable regardless of the binaural sound setting, but we recommend enabling binaural audio for the best experience.
  • In the current implementation, the sound positioning system handles a much larger number of conditions to form the final sound in relation to the player's position.
  • The final adjustment of the positioning is available on Factory, Customs, Woods, Streets of Tarkov. Other locations will have the quality of sound positioning gradually improved in the upcoming updates.

If you're new to Tarkov, make sure to check out our beginner's guide to Escape from Tarkov here, and for anything else, esports and gaming, make sure to visit us here at ESTNN

Escape from Tarkov Wipe! New 0.13 Patch Goes Live
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