Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals is Back

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Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals is Back

Learn everything there is to know about the upcoming Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals event.

The Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals event is back! This time 72 players will compete in teams of 3 for a 50.000$ USD prizepool. We have everything you need to know about the event neatly summarized here so learn how you can support your favorite content creators and maybe get something out of it yourself.

Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals

It's once again time for the prominent citizens of Tarkov to compete for a big prize pool our evil overlord Nikita is dangling in front of their heads. Friendships will be tested, uneasy allies will be made and you will most certainly see a variety of shenanigans at this year's Tarkov Twitch Rivals.

This year 24 teams will compete throughout 3 stages, here the participants have to fulfill certain objectives to gain points and claim victory. The objectives are a mix of looting, shooting, and committing atrocities against their fellow steamers. And the final round consists of a 72-player free-for-all at Shoreline.

How to Watch

You can catch the Tarkov Twitch Rivals event live on /twitchrivals for the English broadcast and /battlestategames for the Russian broadcast. The event will take place on November 16 2023 at 8 PM GMT/3 PM EST.

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Tarkov Twitch Drops

As is tradition, you can also gain Twitch Drops of valuable equipment for your own Tarkov exploits. To be eligible for drops you need to watch the official broadcast with your Twitch account linked to your Escape from Tarkov profile. You'll need an active copy of the game attached to your BattleState Games account for this to work.

Rewards will probably range from everyday resources to equipment and weapons.

Who's participating?

And here's a list of all the streamers that will participate in the Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals Event:

  • Silent
  • HutchMF
  • WillerZ
  • Trey24k
  • Welyn
  • AquaFPS
  • SheefGG
  • Rengawr
  • JesseKazam
  • SmittyStone
  • Anton
  • HyperRatTV
  • hambinooo
  • Baddie
  • bearki
  • Viibiin
  • AshIV_
  • BakeeZy
  • DesmondPilak
  • MisMagpie
  • Velion
  • ExfilCamper
  • OmidLive
  • Cor8o
  • Nyxia
  • Lettucesux
  • BlizerGirl
  • BarryBucketz
  • ActuallyAtom
  • genooo
  • FudgeXL
  • ArsynTV
  • TriangleFace78
  • sickdegenerate
  • KaptainKayy
  • SomeMan
  • Philbo
  • walker
  • Endra
  • ThePoolshark
  • Frictive
  • Gingy
  • Emm3D
  • BlueberryGabi
  • kioShiMa_ff
  • Moboking
  • MzDunk
  • AirwingMarine
  • TayZgg
  • Volayethor
  • CubFPS
  • hexloom
  • StankRat_
  • UndeadEsence
  • Rallatar
  • MsTrash
  • ThatFriendlyGuy
  • AbneyDude
  • lysten_
  • xBlazed

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Escape from Tarkov Twitch Rivals is Back
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