Escape from Tarkov 2023 Roadmap Promises Big Changes

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Escape from Tarkov 2023 Roadmap Promises Big Changes

Who would've thought Battlestate Games would grace us with a roadmap for Escape from Tarkov's future? Well here it is and it looks great!

Battlestate Games has just posted a preliminary roadmap for the near future of Escape from Tarkov and its updates.

While this doesn't mean the highly anticipated wipe is around the corner, it gives us a good idea of what direction the game is going in the next few months.

There is no timeline for these updates either, but this could perfectly line up with the upcoming wipe (sometime in the summer/fall) or the release of Tarkov Arena. it'll just give us a general idea of what the team is working on.

And with the pace Battlestate Games has set and their promise to be more transparent, especially in regards to cheaters and other things, this can take a while. Just know that this is on their to-do list.FuurbC3WYAIYta

Escape from Tarkov 0.13.05 – Technical Update

  • Fixes for visual problems with flashlights, the way they function, and the light on weapons.
  • Rework of skyboxes on all locations.
  • Oculus Audio tweaks on Interchange (finally) and Lighthouse locations.
  • Changes in headset system.
  • Changes in the AI voice line playback system, in particular their frequency, volume, and positioning.
  • Fixes incorrect sounds and volume of gunshots and explosions at short distances.
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Transition to Unity 2021

This will allow the introduction of new technologies to Escape from Tarkov. (For non-game-making folk that just means implementing newer, premade modules will be easier in the future.)

It will allow the team to update graphics and optimize the game's performance. It'll also include support for HDR and reduce memory consumption by changing the way the game memorizes the location and items.


Update – Technical update

  • Fundamental changes to the architecture of display and synchronization of players on the client and their connection to the server, including:
    – Gradual increase in the number of players and bots in a raid to 60.
    – Improving hit registration.
    – Increase in accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and the client.
    – Noticeable increase in FPS in online raids.
    – Reducing the chance of encountering desynchronization with the server.
    – Network traffic optimization.
  • New culling system on “old” locations.
  • Optimization of RAM consumption, including the elimination of possible memory leaks.
  • Optimized rendering system for semi-transparent materials.

So this is finally the big “we're making the game playable” patch, we've been waiting for. So there might be a future in which you don't need a quantum computer to run Streets at a somewhat stable 45FPS.

This update will be huge, especially for the planned expansion to the Streets of Tarkov as well as Battlestate Games' ambition to make player interactions more special.

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escape from tarkov roadmap – Content Update

  • Streets of Tarkov expansion (out of ?).
  • BTR on Streets of Tarkov.
  • New boss for Streets of Tarkov
  • Vaulting
  • Armored plates for body armor and rework of hitboxes.
  • Kit presets
  • Weapon Animations when interacting with cover.
  • Left shoulder shooting
  • Hideout expansion.
  • Randomized loot containers.
  • Rework of recoil mechanics or all weapon types.
  • Quick pistol tranasion.
  • Suppressor durability, sound variations, and subsonic ammunition.
  • Ammunition loading interface.
  • Sight brightness adjustments.
  • User interface rework
  • Quest rebalance
  • Rebalance of levels, skills, and mastering.
  • Bipods and stabilizing firearms with cover.
  • Choosing which body part to heal via a hotkey.
  • Helmet flashlight.
  • Meds and food consumption double click.
  • AK-12, PKM, RPD, (A)SVT-40, 9A-91, UBGL for SCAR
  • other

We also expect that this will the be patch that'll wipe all player progress and takes everyone back to square one.

Traditionally, Escape from Tarkov has always added big updates and expansions together with a wipe and several game-wide events. While we can't be certain if that'll be the case again but expect some hijinks in the near future.

If you want to read up on the upcoming Arena mode, we have compiled everything we already know here. And for more Tarkov and everything esports, visit us here on ESTNN

Escape from Tarkov 2023 Roadmap Promises Big Changes
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