Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 4: Payday 2 & Rocket League Titanium White Battlebus

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Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 4: Payday 2 & Rocket League Titanium White Battlebus

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is live right now, and it's coming with some epic free game giveaways. 

The Epic Games Store is no stranger to video game giveaways, as they do so every week. But the best giveaways typically happen during special Epic Games Store events, such as the ongoing Mega Sale. And Epic Games isn't disappointing. 

While browsing the Epic Games Store Mega Sale for the next month, tune in every week for an exciting free game giveaway! There will also be a secondary giveaway every week as well.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 4: Payday 2 & Rocket League Titanium White Battlebus

The final week of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale is here, and with it comes the last two giveaways! And the main event freebie this week is a real score. It's Payday 2!

The heist missions from Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have been a real hit with players over the years. If that's your cup of tea, why not try a legacy franchise all about heists?

Payday 2 is a 4-player Co-OP FPS where you play as one of many gang members leading your crew on a series of heists. Rob anything from armored cars and banks to stealing nukes. Payday 2 will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in August, and Payday 3 will be coming out the month after. What better way to hype yourself up for Payday 3 than by playing its predecessor?

For fans of Rocket League, Week 4 of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway has something for you, too: the Titanium White Battlebus.

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Head over to this link here, and claim your Titanium White Battlebus. It's that's simple. And even better, this item is available for free for the foreseeable future. 

You do only have until June 15 to claim your copy of Payday 2, so don't forget!

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 3: Midnight Ghost Hunt & Fall Guys Costume

Week 3 of the Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway is here, and it's Midnight Ghost Hunt!

Those who play games like Dead By Daylight will be right at home with the gameplay loop of Midnight Ghost Hunt. The game is a 4v4 of hide-and-seek between Ghosts and Hunters.

Hunters have many gadgets and weapons at their disposal, and Ghosts have various perks and abilities to keep themselves alive and objects they can hide in. Hunters have until midnight to eliminate all Ghosts on site, and Ghosts must survive until midnight. After disposing of a Ghost, Hunters must get rid of the remains to prevent the remaining Ghosts from reviving their comrades.

Should the clock strike midnight with at least one Ghost still alive, the roles switch, with the Ghosts becoming Hunter Spirits and the Hunters now being the ones on the defensive trying to stay alive.

The secondary giveaway of Week 3 is a free costume for the game Fall Guys. Until June 8 at 11 AM ET, everyone can get the Blorbius the Despiser Costume by claiming it from the Store.

Also, a friendly reminder that while the Week 1 and 2 game giveaways are gone, the secondary giveaways are still live. You have until June 7 to claim a free month of Discord Nitro and until June 15 to pick up the Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 2: Fallout: New Vegas- Ultimate Edition

Week 2 of the Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway is here, and it is not a kick in the head. Week 2's free game is Fallout: New Vegas- Ultimate Edition! 

Widely considered the best modern Fallout, Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas is an excellent RPG with plenty of quests having multiple solutions/outcomes, tangible benefits/consequences to your interaction with the Mojave's characters and factions, and Mr. New Vegas: the best radio jockey the post-Apocalpyse has ever seen. And that's a quote. 

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The Ultimate Edition includes all New Vegas add-ons, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal, and Courier Stash. Among other things, the four main DLC increase the level cap by five levels a piece, raising the Courier's maximum level to 50. The Gun Runners' Arsenal adds a healthy amount of new weapons, weapon mods, and weapon recipes. 

Many RPG fans consider Fallout: New Vegas a must-play game, and that's a belief that I agree with. 

The secondary giveaway of the week is a free month of Discord Nitro. Discord is a popular instant messaging platform, especially for gamers, and Nitro makes the experience much better. With Nitro, you get access to all your emojis across all servers, two boosts to boost your favorite servers, HD gaming streaming, and more. 

You have until June 1 to claim your copy so you can see for yourself what the Fallout: New Vegas hype is about. The Discord Nitro giveaway is a little more generous. You have until June 7 to claim your free month.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway Week 1: Death Stranding & Fortnite Quest Pack

Epic Games is kicking off its Mega Sale Free Game Giveaway with a banger: Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding!

This is the second time that Epic Games has given away Death Stranding. The first was during last December's Epic Games Store 15 Days of Free Games Event. And that giveaway managed to crash the entire Epic Games Store. Luckily, that's not an issue this time. 

During the 15 Days of Free Games Event, a minority of players were lucky enough to get the Director's Cut Edition of Death Stranding for free due to an error. The majority of players received the Standard Edition, which is the same one on offer here, but knowing Kojima, the Standard Edition has plenty of content to keep the average player busy. 

The Fortnite Quest Pack gives players the opportunity to snag some frosty cosmetics for their Fortnite avatar. Check out our full breakdown of the Coldest Circles Quest Pack here

You have until May 25 to get your free copy of Death Stranding and the Coldest Circles Quest Pack.