Claim Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack For Free Right Now

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Claim Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack For Free Right Now

Epic Games has just released a free Fortnite Quest Pack, and four icy cosmetics are up for grabs!

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is live, and with it comes a few free goodies. One of them is the Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack.

These cosmetics are sure to keep your Fortnite avatar cool as we approach the hot days of summer. But first, you'll need to earn them.

Head over to the Epic Games Store and claim the Coldest Circles Quest Pack for free. Players have until June 15 to do so. Next, boot up Fortnite on the Epic Games account you claimed the Coldest Circles Quest Pack on to load the quests into your game.

Complete the four quests to get four free cosmetics.

There are four quests in total to complete, with each one giving one of the four cosmetics. The first quest gives you the Cold Furia Pickaxe, the second the Frozen Over Wrap, the third the Frozen Oculara Back Bling, and the fourth the Undead Desdemona Outfit.

The quests are very straightforward and only require you to raise your overall account level. You do need to gain 50 account levels to obtain everything, so while the quests are simple, you will need to put in quite a few hours. Epic Games estimates it will take around 25 match hours to finish this.

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Epic Games has given us until August 8 at 15:00 UTC to complete this quest pack, which is more than enough time.

Claim Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack For Free Right Now
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