Enshrouded vs Palworld: Which One Should You Play?

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Enshrouded vs Palworld: Which One Should You Play?

In this article, we’ll be discussing Enshrouded vs Palworld and debate which one is better for you.

This year started off strong for multiplayer gamers, with the release of both Palworld and Enshrouded, and the former has already made its way into the hearts of players as one of the most unique games to come out in this year so far, provoking both controversy and interest. On the other hand, Enshrouded has also been a valid competitor for Palworld, both ricocheting off of each other in the top releases chart of Steam.

Both lie in the genre of survival crafting, and yet, the two of them are drastically different thematically. That begs the question; which one suits your playstyle so that you’ll enjoy it more than the other? Well, we’re here to discuss that in this article so you can weigh out the pros and cons of both games and get an idea of their gameplay so that you can figure out which one you want to invest in.

Moreover, not everyone can afford both games; or at least, not simultaneously. And understandably, we all want to save the pennies in our (steam) wallet, so let’s get to the discussion.

Enshrouded vs Palworld

As we’ve said before, both count as multiplayer games and fall in the survival crafting genre, but that’s where most of the similarity ends, with each of the games taking a completely different route in terms of overall gameplay, theme, and feel.

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Enshrouded vs Palworld: Which One Should You Play?

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Enshrouded Gameplay

On one side of the coin, Enshrouded takes a darker approach compared to Palworld, with a setting based on medieval times and a gameplay similar to souls games. If you’re looking for a game that is light hearted and full of life, with a colorful and friendly world, then Enshrouded probably isn’t for you.

That being said, Enshrouded’s gameplay is very likely to attract players who are into classical RPG series like The Witcher 3, Dark Souls or Skyrim, with weapons and character designs that are very akin to those mentioned above.

Enshrouded puts you and 15 other players inside the dark world of Embervale, where you must learn to survive using the various crafting mechanics and action RPG elements. The game also focuses more on creating a narrative and an environment that’s fun and memorable to explore, while expertly blending in the gameplay mechanics with the story.

The game draws inspiration from games like Valheim, Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, weaving RPG elements with the survival aspect of crafting materials and building bases/strongholds for you and other players. Rest assured, if you’re a big fan of high-fantasy aesthetic and world design, then this game will definitely be a bang for your buck.

Palworld Gameplay

Enshrouded vs Palworld: Which One Should You Play?

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And then there’s Palworld, the phenomenon that brought forth the attention of players and Pokemon fans alike. Clearly taking inspiration from the monster-catching game, Palworld is set in a world that is brimming with vigor and colorful creatures in every corner.

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Dubbed ‘Pokemon with guns’, this game will surely make you wish Pokemon was more like this game from certain aspects. This is mostly because of the fact that its multiplayer features are pretty cool as you can explore the open world of Palworld together with your friends, catching monsters and dueling together.

And of course, the crafting aspect adds more depth to the game, with the economical factor of gathering resources and building bases giving it a challenging factor that is very fun to learn.

Making the Decision

At the end of the day, the decision is entirely up to you, but you must keep in mind that although both of these lie in the same genre of games, they’re completely different in terms of gameplay and style. We suggest playing Enshrouded if you’re a huge fan of souls games or challenging dark fantasy games like Skyrim/Witcher.

Meanwhile, if games like Legend of Zelda/Pokemon are more up your alley, then Palworld is an easy choice for you, thanks to its ambitiously made world and creature designs stoking interest amongst players of all ages and fanbases.

If you’re interested in checking out articles covering content for both these games, then be sure to check out our stuff like how to tell if you’ve caught a Pal in Palworld or how to get Enshrouded’s Mana Regen Ring.

Enshrouded vs Palworld: Which One Should You Play?
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