How to Get the Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring

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How to Get the Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring

In Enshrouded, in addition to having the possibility of exploring to obtain resources that you will need to manufacture different items, you can also find very useful pieces of equipment and accessories.

An example is the Enshrouded Mana regen ring (aka the Ring of Rapacity). This is a very useful accessory that will allow you to have many benefits, especially if your character belongs to a class of spellcasters, such as the Wizard.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you how to obtain it and what its statistics are.

How to Get Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring (Ring of Rapacity)

Luckily for you, unlike other items that can be harder to find, the Enshrouded Mana regen ring won't give you much trouble. This ring, in fact, is found on a skeleton in a pile of stone beside the Mill in Willow Crush.

This town is located, to be precise, between the Ancient Spire of Revelwood and the Ancient Spire of Springlands. Now, the thing to do is to find the Mill that is inside Willow Crush. Fortunately, it won't be difficult.

You'll be able to spot the Mill from a distance, as it sits on a raised platform surrounded by stones that look like Ladyfinger cookies. Head in that direction and when you are there, use your pickaxe to mine the rubble that is at the edge of the wooden planks. Continue until you are practically near the ground and you see the skeleton wearing the Enshrouded Mana regen ring.

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And there you have it! You now have the Ring of Rapacity in your inventory. But what are his statistics? Let's discover them together.

Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring

Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring Stats

The Ring of Rapacity is a handy little ring that helps you with Mana, which is the energy you use to cast spells. When you wear this ring, your Mana decreases by 20 percent, but it also speeds up how fast your Mana comes back by 20 percent. This makes it perfect for classes like Wizards and Battlemages, who rely on Mana to cast their powerful spells.

Now, don't be too quick to throw away this ring just because it makes your Mana go down. It might seem like a problem, but it's actually not a big deal. Even though you will start with less Mana, it will refill quickly after you use your biggest spells that need a lot of Mana. So, you can keep casting spells without worrying about running out of Mana. If you want to make sure you can cast spells more often and have your Mana come back faster, then you definitely should consider getting the Ring of Rapacity in Enshrouded.

How to Get the Enshrouded Mana Regen Ring
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