Enshrouded Luminous Growth – How to Find Luminous Growth in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded Luminous Growth – How to Find Luminous Growth in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded Luminous Growth is used for crafting light sources of various kinds, as well as building blocks – but where can you find it?

Enshrouded is growing by the day, recently passing 1 million players – which is huge for an early access game released only last Thursday. Still there’s much to be discovered in the game, and even more to build, as one of the main aspects of Enshrouded is building intricate and beautiful bases.

However, one of the toughest things to knock is getting light sources in your base outside of campfires and fireplaces. Thankfully, Luminous Growth is the answer for our prayers, it’s only a matter of finding and farming it.

Enshrouded Luminous Growth – How to Find It

Luminous Growth is a mineable resource similar to Flintstone, Copper and Clay which can be found out and about in the world. You’ll first encounter it in the Revelwood area, but not in the overworld – you’ll have to look in caves to find it. One of the best spots to farm it is near the Abandoned Hunter Camp in a cave filled with Spiders. You’ll find a deposit of Luminous Growth on the ceiling of the cave.

Enshrouded Luminous Growth

However, many other caves after Revelwood has this material, so you can find even bigger “veins” of Growth!

What is Luminous Growth Used For?

Luminous Growth can be used to craft a number of recipes mostly at the Carpenter Flameborn NPC:

  • With 4 Luminous Growth, 4 Goo, 2 Iron Bars, 3 Charcoal and 2 Glass, you can craft 5 Chandeliers which give +5 Comfort as well as illuminate the surrounding area,
  • For 2 Luminous Growth, 2 Sandstone, 2 Glass, 4 Charcoal and 4 Iron Bars you can create 5 Lantern, which are standing versions of the aforementioned lamp. You’ll also need the Masonry Tools for this recipe,
  • With 1 Iron Bars, 2 Charcoal, Glass, Goo and Luminous Growth, you can craft a Wall Lantern that can be put on vertical walls, providing Comfort and light as well.
  • With 5 Stone and 5 Luminous Growth you can create Luminescent Blocks at the Workbench, which can be used as glowing building blocks, providing a futuristic feeling to your base.
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You can also put down Luminous Growth as terrains, which looks like how the Growth is found in the wild.

While Enshrouded is already a great game, it’s only going to get better as it nears release – don’t forget that it’s still Early Access! Check back to ESTNN for more Enshrouded guides in the coming days!

Enshrouded Luminous Growth – How to Find Luminous Growth in Enshrouded
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