Enshrouded Explosive Arrows – How to Craft Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded Explosive Arrows – How to Craft Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded Explosive Arrows are the strongest ammo to use for your bows, so it’s worthwhile to craft them – but it’s not an easy feat.

With Enshrouded hitting 1 million players recently, it’s becoming even clearer that the survival RPG is here to stay despite competitors being multiple times it’s size. If you’re one of the players of Enshrouded, you might want to know how to craft Explosive Arrows, one of the best ammo in the game for the later parts – and in this guide, we’ll show you just that!

Enshrouded Explosive Arrows – How to Craft Them

While Enshrouded usually has straightforward crafting recipes that can be unlocked in the early parts, endgame stuff still needs some work before it can be acquired. The Explosive Arrow takes multiple steps, but if you follow this guide, you’ll get it in no time.

Enshrouded Explosive Arrows

First, you’ll need to rescue Balthazar, the Alchemist, who is the 3rd NPC Flameborn you can get in the game after the Blacksmith and the Hunter. After you rescued him from the Springland Area, you have to follow his questline in order to unlock the Laboratory. When you completed the last quest called Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory, you can craft your own Lab using 1 Scientific Instruments, 1 Athanor, 40 Fire Bricks, 10 Copper Bar and 3 Glass. In the Laboratory, you can craft Black Powder, which takes 2 Coal Powder, 7 Nitrate and 1 Sulfur in order to make 50 units.

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Now that you have your explosives, you’ll need your arrows. If you have the Alchemist, you should already have the Hunter – but you’ll definitely have the quest to rescue her. After you do, you can head over to her to craft Flint Arrows. You’ll need 25 to craft Explosive Arrows, as well as 5 Black Powder and 5 Feathers.

Even though getting Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded needs a bit of work, it’s well worth it as they are the strongest ammo an Archer could use, which could carry them in the later stages of the game. If you’re curious about all things Enshrouded, check out our other guides here!

Enshrouded Explosive Arrows – How to Craft Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded
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