Enshrouded Clay – How to Find Clay in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded Clay – How to Find Clay in Enshrouded

In the Enshrouded Clay guide, we’ll show you how you can find lumps of Clay – which is not a rare material, but it is very useful.

Enshrouded continues to grow with players venturing deeper into Embervale, discovering the secrets of the Elixir and the Shroud. While some are on the verge of the endgame, others are still unlocking other Flameborn, such as the Blacksmith of the Carpenter. The latter one is incredibly useful if you want to craft furniture and chests that you can craft from anywhere around your base area – but in order to access all of Cade Hawthorne’s recipes, you’ll need to find Clay, as it’s a necessary material to craft the Kiln of the Carpenter.

Enshrouded Clay – What does it look like and where to find it?

After unlocking Hawthore from the quest Carpentry Assistance, you’ll want to start to gather Lumps of Clay. You’ll need 10 to craft the Carpenter’s Kiln, which is not a hard task to complete, as most deposits give multiples of what you need.

Enshrouded Clay

Clay is usually found on the side of cliffs that are reachable on foot, so you don’t have to work hard to gather Lumps of Clay. One great spot is near the Diadwyn town located north of the starting base around the Revelwood Ancient Spire. Another great spot is west of the same Ancient Spire in Revelwood.

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To gather Lumps of Clay, you simply need to equip your pickaxe and mine away, the same as you’d get Copper or Flintstone.

After you’ve gathered enough of the material, you can return to your Carpenter and craft the Kiln. The Kiln lets you create Fired Bricks, which are an essential material to create more advanced building materials.

Enshrouded Clay

While Clay is mostly a stepping stone in progression, it can also be used to create the Half-Timbered Block, which is a unique style building block that can spice up your base.

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Enshrouded Clay – How to Find Clay in Enshrouded
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