Enshrouded Item Upgrade – How to Enhance your Items

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Enshrouded Item Upgrade – How to Enhance your Items

If you gathered enough materials, you can enhance your weapons to make them mightier – learn how to in the Enshrouded Item Upgrade Guide.

Enshrouded has been slowly creeping up in popularity, almost hitting a 100 thousand concurrent players at the time of writing this article. We have given you tips about gathering hard to get materials, crafting the most important tools and gear, and just letting you know if the game has dedicated servers or not.

However, to face the biggest bads of Enshrouded you’ll need the best weapons and armour you can get, and the easiest way is to enhance your rarer weapons – in this guide, we’ll show you how!

Enshrouded Item Upgrade – How to Enhance your Items

Enhancing your items is really straightforward, as the first NPC Flameborn, Oswald Anders the Blacksmith is the one you need for it. You can get him for your camp if you follow the main storyline early on.

However, to enhance your gear you’ll need two things outside of the help of Oswald. First, you need to build a forge for him – again, this step is quite simple if you just follow the quests that the Flame and Oswald give you. Then you’ll need to clear the first Elixir Well right next to Braelyn Bridge, which is also tied to a quest pretty early on.

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Enshrouded Item Upgrade

If these two conditions are met, Oswald will urge you to upgrade your weapons to make you a more fierce combatant. Of course, he needs some special materials in order to do that: Runes.

How to Get Runes in Enshrouded

Runes are a special type of resource that’s required for two things in Enshrouded: resetting your Skill Points at the Flame Altar, as well as upgrading your gear. You can acquire Runes in three ways:

  • Get them as random loot from chests,
  • Loot them from enemies – usually from more challenging ones found on the Shroud,
  • Or Salvage your rarer items

The most effective way to get runes is to try and kill as many monsters as you can in areas that seem like they are important – for example the Elixir Wells. Here, you can find Chests as well as higher level enemies to loot Runes from. In areas like this, there’s also a chance to find some rare weapons that you can Salvage, or bosses which drop their weapons – if you don’t need them, reuse them to strengthen your favourite weapon!

Even though Enshrouded is still in Early Access (and only for a day at that), it’s a vast game with a great gameplay and a fairly interesting story – delve deeper into Embervale by following ESTNN!

Enshrouded Item Upgrade – How to Enhance your Items
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