How to Get Shroudwood in Enshrouded

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How to Get Shroudwood in Enshrouded

One of the most important crafting materials is Shroudwood, so here’s how to get Shroudwood in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded, a new open world survival game with soulslike elements in Unreal Engine 5 has hit early access on January 24th, and taking the world by storm (although, not as rapidly as Palworld).

The vast world has basically infinite possibilities as you can destroy everything for crafting materials and build to your heart’s content. But some mats are not easy to come by – one of them is Shroudwood, which is a very important component for a lot of crafting recipes. So here’s how to find it!

How to Get Shroudwood in Enshrouded

Enshrouded’s story tells the players about how the Elixir and the Wells came about – and how they brought on the Shroud, the deadly fog engulfing parts of the playable map. While inside these Shrouds are monsters and the fear of death if you spend too much time in them, they also contain some of the most important materials, such as Mycelium and the coveted Shroudwood.

In order to get the latter you first need to craft an Axe – you can easily craft one without a Workbench using string, twigs and rocks found around the first campsite the game guides you to. With this, you can chop down regular trees as well as those you find in the Shroud – these kinds of woods are the ones dropping the Shroudwood material.

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However, not every area taken by the Shroud has Shroudwood, so you’ll need to find one that does. Thankfully, the game has one early on the path under Braelyn Bridge. Here, you can find some trees to cut down to get the coveted material.

How to Get Shroudwood in Enshrouded Shroudwood Location

With Shroudwood, you can craft some more advanced items, such as the Glider, which makes you traverse the world much faster, while also avoiding fall damage. It’s also needed to craft any tools higher quality than the basic ones, so you really need to get your Shroudwood game on early.

Enshrouded seems to be an incredibly interesting game even after just a few hours playing – and the best part is that most if it is yet to come! Follow ESTNN for more guides on Enshrouded, and take care on your journey, Flameborns!

How to Get Shroudwood in Enshrouded
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