Enshrouded Amber – How to Find Amber in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded Amber – How to Find Amber in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded Amber is one of the most important resources if you’re on the path of the mage, as well as a crucial material in upgrading your Flame Altar.

Enshrouded finally entered early access on Steam last Thursday, and have gathered more than 160 000 people in just a few days. The game is very popular (even if it doesn’t reach the heights Palworld did), as the survival and building aspects paired up with its grimdark look and Soulslike combat scratches a particular itch that only Valheim could in the past years.

While there are a lot of important resources to be gathered, Amber is one of the crucial ones once you get through the early game. It’s also vital for mage builds as it’s used to craft armour and upgraded spells, as well as level your Flame Altar from 3 to 4.

Enshrouded Amber – How to Find Amber

The most important thing to remember when hunting for Amber is that it’s only found in the Shroud – so that’s where you need to search. Amber is found in veins much like Flintstone or Copper, but it’s easier to miss, so you need to keep your eyes peeled.

Enshrouded Amber

Once you found an Amber deposit, you can use your Pickaxe to mine it, but you’ll need a Scrappy Pickaxe to do so. While one deposit doesn’t give you much Amber overall, these deposits do respawn if you return home, so you can farm the nodes in each given area.

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The best spot to find Amber is around the Revelwood Ancient Spire located straight north from your starting base location. Once you found this Spire, you can delve into the Shroud until you find Amber, which the alchemist can help you turn into useful items and tools so you can become the strongest mage Embervale has seen.

Enshrouded Amber

Enshrouded has a great deal to do in already, don’t forget that it’s still in Early Access – meaning that the content the game has to offer will grow as it gets closer to release. Keep an eye on ESTNN for more Enshrouded guides!

Enshrouded Amber – How to Find Amber in Enshrouded
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