Enshrouded Building Guide

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Enshrouded Building Guide

Enshrouded is a survival game where the search for resources for survival and the construction of buildings and tools are the keys. However, being able to assimilate some game mechanics could be a little complicated, and that's why we decided to create an Enshrouded building guide. In this way, therefore, you will have the opportunity to understand both the basic game mechanics related to construction and other things that will allow you to build increasingly advanced things. Especially if you are new to this type of game, having such a guide available is certainly a very useful thing.

Enshrouded Building Guide

Let's start by saying that we have decided to divide this guide into several different sections so as to make it easier to consult. In this way, therefore, if you are looking for a specific thing, you will have the opportunity to read what you need directly. So here's everything you need to know about building in Enshrouded.


The first thing you need to do in order to be able to start building in Enshrouded is to place your first Flame Altar. Once this is done, you will have the opportunity to start building. First, you will need to get a Construction Hammer, using a stone. If you don't yet have a Pickaxe, you can simply collect the stones you find on the ground; it certainly won't be a difficult thing to do. Once you have a stone, all you have to do is go to the crafting menu and create the Construction Hammer. You now have all the prerequisites needed to start building in Enshrouded.

Building Mode

Before proceeding to the heart of the matter, we believe it is appropriate to dedicate a paragraph to the discussion of the Building Mode UI. In fact, especially if you are not used to playing these games, you may have difficulties. Consequently, let's proceed step by step and see everything you can see on the screen once you decide to enter Building Mode.

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The first thing you will notice is that at the bottom of the screen, there are many building components that you can use, namely:

  • Foundation
  • Wall
  • Window
  • Door Frame
  • Column
  • Ceiling
  • Stairs
  • Stepped Wall
  • Inverted Stepped Wall

But things don't end there. If you press the “Alt” key, for example, a menu with more options will open. Here you can decide the dimensions of the components we mentioned previously, as well as roof and terrain items. If, however, you intend to change the materials of these components, you will have to press the “Ctrl” key. Finally, if you want to rotate or perform any other type of action, you will have to press the commands that are present in the last line.

enshrouded building mode

Where to Build

In order to be able to build, you must always take your Flame Altar into consideration. In fact, it represents the center of your construction area. If you want to see the perimeter you have available or want to increase it, all you need to do is interact with it. This perimeter is very important: you cannot build outside of it. Therefore, keep this in mind when you start building something.

Building Blocks

To be able to construct your buildings, you will have to create blocks. These blocks can be crafted at a Workbench. Once you have the necessary materials (the simplest ones are rough wood and rough stone), you will be ready to start the creation process. Our advice, in this case, is to create as many blocks as possible, at least 1000, as you will need a lot of them to build, banally, even a simple house. Furthermore, as you begin to discover new materials (such as Shroudwood), you will have the possibility of crafting different blocks.

Start With Foundations

Now that you know everything about the preliminary stages of actual construction in Enshroud, it's time for you to learn practically how to build in the game. First of all, as in any other game, the first thing to do is place some foundations. Without them, in fact, you will not be able to build. Then select the size and material of your foundation and stake the ground. Position the foundations as you like and from here you can start building (in case you change your mind, you can right-click on the element and remove it).

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Now, all you need to do is start actually constructing your first building. It will almost certainly be a house, not even the most beautiful ones, but one that is functional to protect you from the elements and the dangers that hide in the game world. In reality, the construction itself is not very difficult, on the contrary. Once you have positioned the foundations, you can decide to position all the other components also following the advice on the game screen. Also, don't worry about having to cut things or anything else, as that's something the game does automatically. There will be no overlapping problems.

enshrouded building mode

How to Use Scaffolds

If you need to create multi-story buildings, you will soon realize that individual blocks are not enough, as there is a limit to the height you can reach with them. However, there is another component that allows you to do this, namely the scaffold. There are two different types: a large platform with a ladder or a smaller platform without a ladder. You can make use of these platforms to make your buildings increasingly taller and circumvent the cube limitation. Finally, in case you were wondering: yes, you can use Minecrat's method of building a pile of blocks under your feet, but using scaffolds is actually easier.

How to Decorate

Decorating structures is not achievable using the Construction Hammer. Instead, the embellishments are crafted. Basic furnishings such as beds, tables, and chairs are crafted using the Workbench. Special decorations are crafted with the assistance of NPCs. The Workbench also facilitates the creation of doors, windows, and fences. The Blacksmith allows for the crafting of ornamental metal dishes, while the Alchemist enables the creation of book decorations.

enshrouded building mode

Enshrouded Building Guide
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