How to Upgrade the Enshrouded Flame Altar

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How to Upgrade the Enshrouded Flame Altar

Enshrouded is a survival game where you have to explore for materials to build and upgrade things. One of them is the Enshrouded Flame Altar. Building a base is imperative in a game like this so that you have the opportunity to conserve the resources that you manage to obtain during your expeditions. To build a base, however, you will need, precisely, an Enshrouded Flame Altar. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to do to get it and all the information about it.

What is an Enshrouded Flame Altar?

The Enshrouded Flame Altar is nothing more than the building that acts as a shelter for players and protects them from the threats that roam the game worlds. Consequently, this is something you will do at the beginning of the game; otherwise, you will not be able to continue. Luckily for you, to build an Enshrouded Flame Altar, you will only need 5 stones, which can be found practically everywhere. Furthermore, you will not have to worry much about this phase of construction, as the game itself will guide you as part of a tutorial in which you will have to take part in order to learn the game mechanics well, at least the basic ones, without which you will have no life. long in a game like this.

Once you craft it, it will be present in your inventory, and all you have to do is place it where you think it is most needed. Obviously, look for a place that is fairly quiet and is close to a watercourse; at least for the moment, these are the most important things to take into consideration. Later, you can decide to settle in increasingly better positions as you unlock more and more things and become more powerful.

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How to Upgrade the Enshrouded Flame Altar

The important thing is that in Enshrouded, you have the possibility of upgrading the Flame Altar. Obviously, however, you will need some materials to do this, namely Shroud Cores. But how do you get these resources? The first can be obtained by simply killing the first boss you face in the game. Once you manage to defeat him, you will be able to upgrade the Enshrouded Flame Altar to level 2.

Upgrading the Enshrouded Flame Altar is very important because it allows you to increase your construction area and therefore create increasingly larger bases. At the beginning of the game, you will have few resources and therefore even a small base will be sufficient, but as you continue through the game and find more and more things thanks to exploration, the need to create an increasingly larger base that reflects your needs will become increasingly pressing.

Enshrouded Flame Altar

How to Upgrade the Enshrouded Flame Altar
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