Enshrouded Best Builds

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Enshrouded Best Builds

Since Enshrouded is a game where exploration, survival, and combat are important, we have decided to show you some Enshrouded best builds that you should use to get the most out of what the game has to offer. In fact, based on what your focal point will be and the activity to which you decide to dedicate more time, you will have to make use of different skills and equipment. In this article, therefore, we tell you everything you need to know about this aspect.

Enshrouded Best Builds: Exploration

In Enshrouded, you will spend a lot of your time exploring the game world, both to look for resources that can be useful for various uses (such as upgrading the Flame Altar) and to find weapons. For this reason, relying on a build that is able to give you the best when you are called to explore is certainly a very useful thing. Below, therefore, are the skills and equipment you should use.


There are five skills that you can use to make this building as effective and efficient as possible. Each of these skills will give you boosts and bonuses that are very important in exploring the game world, so don't underestimate them at all, even if they seem too basic to you.

  • Water Aura – You and your allies in a 15-meter radius regen 1 health for each point you have in Intelligence.
  • Double Jump – Allows jumping a second time while airborne.
  • Wanderlust – Reduces stamina consumption on dirt roads to 75% and on stone roads to 50%.
  • Rebound – Increases base stamina regeneration by 50%.
  • Inner Fires/Relentless Flame – Increase maximum Shroud Time by 2/5 minutes.


Unlike other games where there are certain builds where gear really makes a difference, this is not the case with this build in Enshrouded. In fact, you won't need very specific equipment to use, but there are some items that you could consider wearing to get greater benefits.

  • Marksman Boots – Reduces stamina timeout before regeneration kicks in by 0.5 seconds.
  • Marksman Trousers – Increase stamina regen by 2 (any pants with this stat are good).
  • Medium Backpack – Plus 16 inventory slots.
  • Advanced Glider – Increased range and speed and lower stamina consumption.
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enshrouded best builds

Enshrouded Best Builds: Melee

In a game like Enshrouded, you also have to make a difference in the way you fight. In fact, you will have the opportunity to fight both up close and from afar, depending on the class and the weapons you decide to use. For this reason, we couldn't do an article on the Enshrouded best builds without talking about those related to melee combat.


Unlike the previous build, where we showed you five different skills on which you should build your build, in this case, there are only two (Swift Blades and Battle Heal) that are worth mentioning. Not that all the other skills in the skill tree are not useful; on the contrary, these two are the main ones you should rely on if your melee build in Enshrouded is efficient and effective. However, we have also included other skills that you might definitely find helpful.

  • Water Aura – You and your allies in a 15-meter radius regen 1 health for each point you have in Intelligence.
  • Swift Blades – Allows you to attack faster with one-handed swords and axes.
  • Battle Heal – When dealing critical damage with a melee weapon, heal 5% of your max HP.
  • Heavy Plates – Increases maximum damage your armor can mitigate by 10%.
  • Heavy Handed – Increase enemy stun bar gain by 20% when attacking through their block.
  • Power Parry – Increases the enemy stun bar gain on parry attacks.


As for the equipment you should use, the advice is to use a mix between the Adventurer Set and the Guard of the North Set. These two sets, in fact, are the best when it comes to close combat, so it is important that you give them the right importance and choose them over others.

  • Guard of the North Chest
  • Adventurer Helmet
  • Guard of the North Gloves
  • Adventurer Trousers
  • Guard of the North Boots
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enshrouded best builds

Enshrouded Best Builds: Ranged

Finally, it's time to talk about ranged builds. Some classes in Enshrouded, in fact, prefer long-distance combat, so you can't help but be prepared on this side too. If you intend to make use of one of these classes, you will have to keep in mind the advice you will read below, as they will be very useful for making the best use of your character.


As for the skills, even in this case there are some that are worth using rather than others. Obviously, here too, as we said previously, the fact that you will not have to rely only on these skills applies, but they must represent a starting point from which you can then develop your entire build.

  • Sting – Repeated wand damage is increased by 20%.
  • Wand Master – 30% chance to spawn an additional wand projectile.
  • Mass Destruction – A critical hit with a magic weapon will hit all enemies in a 20-meter radius for 2 shock damage per your point of Intelligence.
  • Water Aura – You and your allies in a 15-meter radius regen 1 health for each point you have in Intelligence.
  • Wizard – Increases critical chance by 10% when using magical weapons.


As for equipment, as in the case of the exploration build, there are no items that you should use over the others. As a result, you can choose with greater freedom and autonomy. However, it seems that the following items are more effective and efficient than the others, so you might want to start with these if you don't know where to do it.

  • Mage Hat
  • Adventurer Chest
  • Guard of the North Gloves
  • Marksman Trousers
  • Marksman Boots

enshrouded best builds

Enshrouded Best Builds
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