Enshrouded Skill Tree: Types, Respec, and Best Skills

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Enshrouded Skill Tree: Types, Respec, and Best Skills

Enshrouded is not only a survival game but also has a strong RPG component. For this reason, in addition to having classes, there is also an Enshrouded Skill Tree. As in any game of this genre, there are different skills available within it that you can choose from. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about the skills in Enshrouded.

How Does the Enshrouded Skill Tree Work?

Abilities in Enshrouded are essentially divided into three groups: Active, Passive, and Stat Boost. To unlock a skill, as in any other game, you will need skill points. These skill points can be obtained by accumulating experience points by doing virtually any activity the game has to offer. Obviously, as the skills get better and better, you will need more skill points to unlock one.

Active Skills

Active skills are those that will allow you to bring the strength of your character higher and higher and, consequently, also to change the way you approach the game. They are the ones you will probably use the most, so choosing the ones that best suit your style of playing is certainly imperative.

Passive Skills

Passive skills, on the other hand, are those skills that you will not make direct use of but will help you automatically while you are busy doing something else entirely. You will therefore not have to worry about pressing a button that causes a certain action relating to that skill to be performed; the game will manage them autonomously.

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Stat Boosts

Finally, the third group is made up of Stats Boosts. These are the ones you will probably have to choose with more care, as they are capable of influencing your character's statistics permanently. Choose them carefully so you don't have to regret it later.

Enshrouded Skill Tree

How to Respec in Enshrouded

However, in case you find that you've spent skill points on skills that aren't right for you, Enshrouded gives you the chance to make up for your mistakes. In fact, there is a respec system in the game that allows you to reset your skills. How should you do it? It's actually very simple. Simply spend some resources at the Flame Altar and that's it! Consequently, don't get too sad if you realize you made a mistake; there is a solution to fix it. Obviously, however, if you don't want to waste resources unnecessarily, try to think carefully about your choices before making them.

Best Enshrouded Skills

And here we come to the probably most interesting point for readers. What are the best skills in Enshrouded? This type of question is never easy to answer as it depends a lot on your way of playing; however, we can give you some advice on general skills that you should definitely take into consideration. Some are truly essential, without which moving forward in the adventure becomes unnecessarily more complicated.

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Double Jump

Double Jump lets you jump again while you're in the air. That's all there is to it. It really helps you move around a lot more and is great for avoiding enemy attacks. It gives you a big boost in how easily you can get around, and you can use it all the time in the game.

Good Metabolism

Having a good metabolism in the game is like having a superpower for staying healthy. With this skill, you get a direct boost to getting your health back when you grab healing orbs or use potions. It's like your character becomes really efficient at healing, making sure you can bounce back from tough situations quickly.

Shiny Plates

Getting the Shiny Plates skill in the game is like putting on extra-strong armor. With this cool skill, you get a 10% bonus to your armor, making your character tougher and more resistant to attacks. It's like getting a little extra shield to protect yourself. Plus, the best part is that it doesn't cost much in the game currency, so it's a budget-friendly way to make your character stronger defensively.

Enshrouded Skill Tree

Enshrouded Skill Tree: Types, Respec, and Best Skills
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