All Enshrouded Classes Explained

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All Enshrouded Classes Explained

What are the Enshrouded classes? Enshrouded is about to arrive in Early Access on Steam and has already started to create a strong interest in the gaming community. For those who don't know, Enshrouded is a survival action RPG game in which up to 16 players can play together to build bases, hunt, explore, and do everything the game offers.

Since there is a role-playing component, many have wondered what the Enshrouded classes are that are present in the game and that we have the possibility to select. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything we know about it. We remind you, however, that the game is not yet complete and more features may be added in the near future.

All Enshrouded Classes Listed

As far as we know, there are currently three Enshrouded classes available: Ranger, Warrior, and Mage. From what you can see from the characteristics that we will show you below, they are in line with other productions of the genre. Consequently, if you are a lover of role-playing games, you will already know what you are getting into. Obviously, however, since it is mainly a survival game, you will certainly not have the role-playing component of Baldur's Gate 3. In any case, let's see the three Enshrouded classes in detail.

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The Ranger is the Stealth Master—perfect for those who love blending in with nature and outsmarting enemies! The Ranger is your top choice if you dream of sniping foes with “Eagle Eye” or quietly navigating hostile lands using “Silent Step” and “Camouflage.” Your arrows become powerful with “Marksman’s Shot,” instantly changing the course of battle. But that's not all! Command a pack of fierce animals with “Nature’s Ally” and “Beast Mastery,” combining your sharpshooting with their brute strength.

The Ranger has exceptional stealth, long-range attacks, agility, and elusiveness, plus animal allies for a strategic advantage. However, it has lower health and armor, isn't as effective in close combat, and has a strong dependence on arrows and traps (without them, it's not that strong).


Picture yourself as an unstoppable force, a Juggernaut charging into the fray as a Warrior, embodying strength and bravery. Unleash the powerful “Shield Bash” and “Berserker Rage” in battle, causing significant damage while standing firm as your team's protective shield. Hone your skills in “Weapon Mastery” for even more potent attacks, and employ “Whirlwind” to effortlessly cut through enemies like a swirling hurricane. Lead and motivate your comrades with the commanding “Battle Cry” and the empowering “Warlord’s Presence,” establishing yourself as a true hero on any battlefield.

Warrior has exceptional durability, is a formidable force in close combat, has an imposing presence, and it's a guardian of allies. However, it has limited effectiveness in ranged combat, slower mobility, and vulnerability during “Berserker Rage.” So keep in mind that you will use this ability in combat.

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The Mage is the right choice for those desiring mastery over the elements and the ability to reshape reality. Utilize “Arcane Bolt” and “Elemental Attunement” to adapt to various situations. Enhance your defenses and mobility with “Mana Shield” and “Mystic Flight.” Outsmart and overwhelm adversaries through “Spell Weaving” and “Summoning Arts,” while “Enchantment” and “Chrono Shift” empower you to manipulate reality itself.

The Mage is capable of commanding elements, adept at crowd control with area-of-effect spells, possesses unique utility spells, and wields summoning abilities. However, it has lower health and armor, has a reliance on mana, and necessitates strategic planning; otherwise, it won't be that useful in combat.

Enshrouded classes

All Enshrouded Classes Explained
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