Enshrouded Ammonia Gland: How to Get it

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Enshrouded Ammonia Gland: How to Get it

In Enshrouded, you have the opportunity to obtain various resources during your explorations, such as Mycelium for the Flame Altar, Metal Scraps, and more. Among these resources, we cannot fail to mention the Enshrouded Ammonia Gland, which will certainly be very useful to you during your adventure. In this article, therefore, we will tell you how to obtain this resource and what things you can create using it.

How to Get Enshrouded Ammonia Gland

The first thing to know is that, as often happens with other types of resources that are present in the game, there are two different ways to obtain the Enshrouded Ammonia Gland. The first is to obtain it from the huge mushrooms found inside the Shrouds, while the second is to kill the monsters in Kindlewastes. Let's proceed step by step and see how to do it in both cases.

Collecting Enshrouded Ammonia Gland from mushrooms is actually the easiest method to use in order to stock up on this resource. First, you will need to head to the most dangerous corners of the Shroud, as that is where these mushrooms hide. Once found, all you have to do is interact with them to chop them down and obtain this resource.

However, as we have already said above, there is also another possibility to obtain this resource. What you will have to do is head to the Kindlewastes and kill the four-legged red enemies that are in that area. The choice is yours, but, paradoxically, venturing into the Shroud is easier if you are careful not to spend too much time inside. Facing enemies in Enshrouded is never an easy thing, especially if you are not properly equipped.

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Enshrouded Ammonia Gland

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland Crafting Recipes

Now that you know how to obtain Enshrouded Ammonia Gland, it is important that you know what you can do with this resource. Why should you venture into the Shroud or kill enemies to get it? What is its importance? Enshrouded Ammonia Gland can actually be used in a variety of different ways. Below are the items that require this particular type of resource to be crafted:

  • Acid Bite
  • Eternal Ice Bolt
  • Eternal Acid Bite

All three are particular types of ammunition that can certainly be useful to you during your adventure, especially when you find yourself in the more advanced stages. In fact, as you continue, you will have to face increasingly powerful threats and being in possession of ammunition that is also capable of inflicting statuses on your enemies to inflict more general damage is certainly a very useful thing.

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland: How to Get it
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