How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

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How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Do you want to know how to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded? This is the right article for you! As in any self-respecting survival game, there is no shortage of resources to collect. In addition to being able to collect Fireflies and Copper Ore, you will also have the chance to obtain Metal Scraps. In this article, therefore, we will tell you how to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded. Don't think that this isn't an important thing, because this resource is very important as it allows you to craft a multitude of items. Without them, you practically won't be able to move forward in your adventure.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal Scraps can be obtained in different ways: by killing enemies, destroying boxes or finding them inside chests. However, as soon as you start your adventure, carrying out these actions will certainly not be very simple. Our advice, therefore, is to rely on the various points of interest that are present on the game map in order to find those that have boxes and chests.

Although it is normal that you can get this material from things that are made of metal, our advice is to destroy practically everything in front of you. By doing so, you will not only have the chance to obtain Metal Scraps, but also other very useful resources that will be essential during your adventure. Also, keep in mind that the objects you destroy will reappear after a certain amount of time, giving you the ability to destroy things endlessly.

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Enshrouded Metal Scraps Farm

We've told you how to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded on a general level, but where exactly should you go? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The best place to farm this type of resource when you are at the beginning of your adventure is, without a doubt, Rookmore. Here, the enemies are level one and therefore very easy to kill. As a result, not only will you get Metal Scraps for killing them, but also because it is an area where there are many destructible objects that can reward you in this way.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Metal Scraps Crafting Recipes

As we said previously, Metal Scraps are very useful during your adventure because they allow you to create different items. But which ones exactly? They allow you to not only create items to use at the beginning of your adventure but also things that you can use once you start progressing. Let's see together what all the Enshrouded Metal Scraps crafting recipes are.

  • Scrappy Axe
  • Scrappy Pickaxe
  • Scrappy Rake
  • Lockpick
  • Scrappy Sword
  • The Forge
  • Nails
  • The Fur Armor Set
  • Scrap Decorations
  • Scrap Arrows
  • Alchemist Armor Set
  • Forniture

You will soon realize that these items are all vital to the game's economy, so you will need to know how and where to go in order to find these Metal Scraps. Without them, in fact, it is practically impossible to advance in the game. It is a fundamental resource that you cannot give up for any reason in the world.

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How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded
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