How to get Fireflies in Enshrouded

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How to get Fireflies in Enshrouded

How to get Fireflies in Enshoruded? We are about to answer one of the questions that Enshrouded players want to know.

In case you haven’t had the chance to play one of the newest survival games out there, Enshrouded offers an amazing overall experience. After learning how to collect copper ore, it’s time to see how to get Fireflies in Enshrouded. 

What are fireflies in Enshrouded?

Fireflies are bugs in Enshrouded that you can collect during a certain time of the day. Fireflies are just some of the things you can collect while going through Embervale. With that said, collecting fireflies has its purpose, so we are about to learn more information. Keep in mind that they do not do any damage, so you don’t have to prepare by getting specific items or levels.

How To Get Fireflies in Enshrouded

If you are wondering how to get Enshrouded fireflies, you need to go to their spawn locations. Before that, though, an important thing to remember is that the fire fly will only spawn at night. Usually, you will find a cluster of them flying around, and once you come close, you can collect them by pressing the “E” key.

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When wondering how to get fireflies in Enshoruded, keep in mind that you can’t get the entire stack. Even if there are many flying around, once you press “E”, you will only get one.

Finding Enshrouded Fireflies

If you are wondering how to find fireflies in Enshrouded, the answer is simple – they are spread all around the map. Fireflies are not rare, so you may find them near your base while you are going down the path and so on.

Since these creatures are only available at night, you can easily see them from a long distance. The good thing is that most of them stay in darker areas, which makes it even easier for them to spawn. 

What we’ve noticed is that you can find more Shoruded fireflies if you go to areas that are not Shroud-infected.

What can you do with the Fireflies in Enshrouded?

Now that you know how to get Fireflies in Enshrouded, it’s time to learn more about the things you can use them from. If you’ve seen videos of people using a Firefly Lamp, this is one of the first things that you can use the bugs for. Doing it will allow you to light up an area, making it easier to see.

To create this lamp, you must get at least 5 fireflies and 3 play fiber. You also need to go to the Workbench.

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Besides creating a lamp, you may need fireflies if you are involved in alchemy and can create things like Glow Dust. In other words, the Fireflies in Enshrouded are not for everyone, but people who want to craft different things and like exploring at night will find them interesting.

How to get Fireflies in Enshrouded
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