Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters

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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters

In Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, you will have the opportunity to use a myriad of different characters (as you can guess from the name of the game), but you will also have the opportunity to meet many allies during your adventure. For this reason, it can be useful to know how to recruit them.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to do to be able to recruit all the characters that are present in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes. Obviously, given the nature of this article, there will be spoilers, so if you don't want to spoil any surprises, we recommend reading this article when you finish the game.

How to Recruit All Characters

In Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, there are more than 100 different characters that can be used throughout your adventure. Not all of them are usable in combat, but some are able to give you bonuses and advantages that are still very useful. So, in this article, we will tell you how to get this category of characters too.


  • Location: Arenside – Nowa is the game's main character.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; hybrid fighter.


  • Location: Arenside – Joins up at the start of the campaign, along with Mio and Lian.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; tank.


  • Location: Arenside – Joins alongside Garr and Lian.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Arenside – Joins alongside Garr and Mio.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Eltisweiss – Inside a small house in the eastern portion of the city.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Eltisweiss – You'll cross paths with her as you exit the Eltisweiss plaza. Continue to Redthroat Ridge and help her defeat the Nerthus boss there.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster.


  • Location: Fort Xialuke – Talk to him while he's being accosted by guards.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Werne Village/Redthroat Ridge – Talk to the Old Lady in Werne Village. Then, head to Redthroat Ridge to find her, as well as her monster pal.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; large unit that occupies two slots.
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  • Location: Altverden Village – In front of one of the houses.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; archer/sniper.


  • Location: Altverden Village – You'll see her just north of where you found Kuroto. She's being accosted by some ruffians.
  • Role: Battle – medium-range weapon; spellcaster/healer.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Eltisweiss – After recruiting some allies for the Watch, you're asked to check the inn. There, you'll meet up with Sabine.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – A few hours into the campaign, Eltisweiss will get ransacked. The survivors regroup, and you'll be able to recruit several characters.
  • Role: HQ – Handles the party formation mechanic.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Sumire is one of the survivors who also joins up.
  • Role: HQ – Handles equipment storage.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Cassandra also becomes part of your fledgling force.
  • Role: Support – Lets you form and change party composition at save points.
  • Role: HQ – She's the innkeeper.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Although you battle Kogen and his gang early on in the Abandoned Mines, the trio becomes part of your team once Eltisweiss is evacuated.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Yuthus joins alongside Kogen and Zabi.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; tank.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Zabi joins alongside Kogen and Yuthus.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – He's also another survivor that joins up at this stage.
  • Role: HQ – Gocteau runs the mission guild, which allows you to send out characters to gather materials. However, you won't be able to unlock this function until much later in the campaign.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – She, too, becomes part of your small army.
  • Role: HQ – Iris has one of the most important roles in your base. That's because she allows you to unlock new buildings and upgrades once you have the resources.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine/Town HQ – Caine is another fella who gets recruited as part of the bunch.
  • Role: HQ – You can sell excess materials to him to gain Headquarters Funds.


  • Location: Town HQ – Head to the east of the plaza ruins and you'll find Nowa's auntie.
  • Role: Support – Increases materials acquired from food ingredient nodes.
  • Role: HQ – Martha is required if you wish to build a Pasturage, which gradually produces food and milk.


  • Location: Werne Village – You'll find Pieter in the northwestern part of the town.
  • Role: HQ – Pieter is required if you want to build a Farm, which gradually harvests food and vegetables.
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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Bounty Hill – Explore the lower areas as you search for his sister Marin. Once you've found her, both of them will join up.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; archer/sniper.


  • Location: Bounty Hill – She joins alongside her brother Wyler.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster/healer.
  • Role: Support – Slightly increases the materials you obtain from all types of nodes/collection points.


  • Location: Dappled Forest – Inside a woodcutter's hut along the right-hand side as you enter the Dappled Forest. Bring her some lumber to get her to join.
  • Role: Support – Increases the materials you acquire from logging/plant nodes.
  • Role: HQ – You need Kerrin to manage the Woodcutter's Cabin, which collects lumber and fruit.


  • Location: The Greatwood (East) – Battle monsters in the area until you loot the Rune of Conservation.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster.


  • Location: Treefolk Village – He's right in front of the trading post. To recruit him, you need to return to Dappled Forest so you can battle Phantombirds. Keep fighting these enemies until you obtain a Sparklestone as post-battle loot.
  • Role: HQ – Squash runs the accessories shop in your town.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Treefolk Village – Kallanthor is the one who leads your team into the Greatwood. He'll permanently join once you've completed the Proving Grounds dungeon.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Town HQ – After the events at the Treefolk Village/Proving Grounds, you'll spot Chron as you walk along the main pathway of your town.
  • Role: HQ – Chron runs the Achievement Society in your base. He tracks various stats, including the most number of kills, the highest damage dealt, and how many characters you've recruited in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine – Go through the back door on the first floor of the Town HQ. This is the graveyard/cemetery, where you should see a well. Climb down the well to return to the Abandoned Mine, then run directly southwest to reach an unmarked exit. You should stumble upon Ormond.
  • Role: Support – Increases the resources acquired from mining deposits.
  • Role: HQ – Ormond runs the Quarry, which produces stone and salt.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine – Galdorf is actually in the first chamber in the Abandoned Mines (from the world map entrance). He wants you to bring him an armor called the Paleknight Mail. You can loot one in the spot where Ormond used to be (after you recruit him). There's also another one that can be obtained in the Proving Grounds dungeon.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.
Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters
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