Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes – How to Recruit All Characters Part 2

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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes – How to Recruit All Characters Part 2

In the game Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, you get to play with lots of different characters. You'll also meet many friends on your journey. So, it's good to know how to get them to join you.

In this article, we'll explain how to recruit all the characters in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes. Since we'll be revealing secrets, if you want to keep surprises, it's best to read this after finishing the game.

How to Recruit All Characters

In Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, there are over 100 characters you can use in your journey. Not all of them fight, but some can help you with bonuses and perks that are super handy. In this article, we'll explain how to get these helpful characters too.


  • Location: Twinhorne East – After clearing the Proving Grounds and advancing the story, you'll gain access to the Greatwood (South) path, which eventually leads to another region. There, you'll meet Pastole.
  • Role: Support – Increases the materials you obtain from hunting acquisition points (i.e. animal remains and skeletons).
  • Role: HQ – Pastole also runs the Hunter's Cabin, which produces pelts over time.


  • Location: Twinhorne East – Mariette tells you that she lost her charm while she was running away from a Rabbit Archwitch. Return to Greatwood (South) and run around until you get a combat encounter with Rabbit Archwitch enemies. If you see a treasure chest, use the Attack/Gimmick command to loot it.
  • Role: HQ – Mariette is the HQ librarian. You can speak with her to check the bestiary and resource log. Moreover, you can give her the Faded Books that you've collected.


  • Location: Hishahn – Check behind the stall in the northwestern part of the city.
  • Role: Support – Increases the number of items you can carry in your inventory (+20 stacks).
  • Role: HQ – You need Nell if you want to build the Stowpack Shop in your HQ. Once constructed, it automatically increases the capacity of your Stowpack and Resource Bag.
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eiyuden chronicle hundred heroes


  • Location: Hishahn – Carrie is one of the most important characters you can recruit in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. That's because she unlocks the teleportation mechanic.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster/healer.


  • Location: Hishahn – Huang will only become part of your army once you manage to catch an elusive fish.
  • Role: HQ – Huang is required if you want to construct Fishing Spots at your base.


  • Location: Hishahn – Kurtz can be found at the center of the city, and he's looking for a recipe.
  • Role: Support – Cooks a random meal before a battle, granting a buff to your party.
  • Role: HQ – Kurtz runs the restaurant where the cook-offs take place.


  • Location: Town HQ
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Hishahn – You'll see him in front of a waterwheel, but he'll scoff at Nowa if he's at a lower level.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Daphan Village – To avoid a bug, do not enter Daphan Village if Riufan has not been recruited yet.
  • Role: N/A

eiyuden chronicle hundred heroes


  • Location: Hishahn – The noble scion of House Grum officially joins your army once you enter negotiations with the officials of Hishan.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; healer.
  • Role: Support – Randomly triggers at the start of a battle, increasing your party's attack and action speed.


  • Location: Hishahn – Janquis joins up alongside Perrielle.
  • Role: Support – Doubles the baqua (i.e. gold) that you receive at the end of combat.


  • Location: Hishahn – After major events transpire in Hishahn, you'll find her near the lower-left exit. She'll challenge Nowa to a race, which seems to gauge Nowa's speed stat.
  • Role: Support – Doubles movement speed; this effect stacks with the Dash Boots.


  • Location: Town HQ – This adept strategist is recruited upon winning the army battle at Hishahn.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster.

Barnard Sawad

  • Location: Town HQ – Barnard allies with you around the same time that Melridge does.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.

Seign Kesling

  • Location: Town HQ – Although Nowa and Seign cross paths early in the campaign, he officially becomes part of the alliance after the events at Hishahn.
  • Role: Short-range weapon; hybrid fighter.


  • Location: Town HQ – Pohl happily joins your crew along with Seign's squad.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; hybrid fighter.


  • Location: Town HQ – Seign's lieutenant remains by his side.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Town HQ – You also meet Hildi early in the campaign. She accompanies Seign at this stage.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster/healer.
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  • Location: Daphan Village – You can recruit this blindingly fast combatant by going to Daphan Village while Mio is in your party.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; hybrid fighter.

Code L

  • Location: Daphan Village – Check the interior of the Rune Shop in Daphan Village and show him a Rune of Currents. You can loot a Rune of Currents by defeating the boss in Hishahn Old Town.
  • Role: Support – Can grant a +1 SP bonus at the start of combat.
  • Role: HQ – Code L also manages the Rune Shop in your base.


  • Location: Daphan Village – Among the recruitable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, few can hold a candle to B'baba. That's because she gives you hints as to the whereabouts of other potential allies.
  • Role: HQ – Manages the aforementioned Divination Parlor.


  • Location: Town HQ – Getting Faye is related to meeting B'baba and making use of the Divination Parlor.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Town HQ – In our campaign, Milana appeared after we built the Rune Shop for Code L.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; hybrid fighter; necromancer.

Leon Lasude

  • Location: Town HQ – Head to the western exit of your base, where you'll see him injured.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; spellcaster.


  • Location: Abandoned Mine – You may have stumbled upon Hiro when you initially explored the Abandoned Mines. He's in the section with looping pillars. Later, upon reaching Town HQ Level 2, you should be able to recruit him.
  • Role: HQ – Hiro manages the Tools/Item Shop.

eiyuden chronicle hundred heroes


  • Location: Eltisweiss – Check the blacksmith's shop and give him 10x Iron Ore.
  • Role: Support – Hones and increases the strength of your weapons.
  • Role: HQ – Douglas also runs the Smithy, which is where you upgrade your armaments.


  • Location: Eltisweiss – Isha is a character from Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. You'll find her chilling by the fountain in the town plaza. She does give you several tasks before she joins up.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; spellcaster/wizard.


  • Location: Eltisweiss – Reid can be found in the southwestern part of the city. However, he won't join you right from the get-go. Instead, you have to challenge and defeat multiple Beigoma players.
  • Role: N/A

Dr. Corque

  • Location: Eltisweiss – You can finally enter Dr. Corque's home in the southern portion of Eltisweiss after talking to Reid.
  • Role: N/A
Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes – How to Recruit All Characters Part 2
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