Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters Part 3

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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters Part 3

In the game Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, there are so many cool characters you can choose to play with. From brave knights to powerful wizards, you'll find all sorts of friends to meet on your journey. So, it's important to figure out how to convince them to join your team.

In this article, we're going to tell you how to get all the characters in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes to join your team. We'll share some tips and tricks to help you out. But, if you like surprises and want to discover everything on your own, it's better to read this after you've finished playing the game. That way, you can still have fun exploring and finding new friends without any spoilers.

How to Recruit All Characters

In Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, you'll find more than 100 characters to join you on your adventure. Some of them are great fighters, while others might not fight but can still give you cool bonuses and perks. These bonuses can be really helpful during your journey, so it's worth knowing how to get these characters too. In this article, we'll show you how to recruit these helpful characters and make your team even stronger.


  • Location: Arenside – You can recruit this Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes character when you return to Arenside.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Arenside – Go to the house in the western part of Arenside, then beat Glen in a match.
  • Role: HQ – Glen runs the Card Shop in your base.


  • Location: Altverden Village – Found inside the town hall. Give him 15 Healing Herbs so he can cure the townsfolk.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; healer.


  • Location: Werne Village – Managing her stall to the left of Yume's grandma.
  • Role: HQ – Frida runs the Armor Shop in your HQ.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

Jorhan Gavulet

  • Location: Hishahn – Talk to him while he's in front of the trading post. He and Perrielle will have a chat about antiques. Next, go through Shandar Ridge until you reach the desert region just outside Dabavin. Fight monsters until you encounter Scarabs, which might drop an Unknown Antique. Bring this to an appraiser NPC to reveal that it's a Yellow Rose Censer. Finally, hand this over to Jorhan to convince him to join.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; archer/sniper.
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  • Location: Dabavin – Reyna focuses primarily on defense, and she wants you to do a ton of damage to her.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; tank.


  • Location: Dabavin – Travel to the Seaside Cavern and find an Unknown Pocket Watch. Have Rody appraise this and give him this item.
  • Role: Support – Greatly increases the action speed of your party.
  • Role: HQ – Rody becomes the base's dedicated appraiser.


  • Location: Dabavin – You'll need to amass at least 100,000 baqua. Pay this amount to Prunella, and she'll refund 50,000 baqua in return.
  • Role: Battle – Long-range weapon; gunner.


  • Location: Impershi'arc – To recruit this character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you must defeat him in a mock army battle.
  • Role: Support – You can select the “All In Formation” option at the start of battle. Allies will act sequentially, starting with the one with the highest speed.
  • Role: HQ – Stadler runs the Drill Grounds, which has buffs for troop leaders and units.


  • Location: Impershi'arc – This fella can be found at the eastern part of the city.
  • Role: Support – Randomly causes your party to relax at a hot spring and gain buffs before combat.
  • Role: HQ – Cabana also manages the hot springs in your HQ.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Impershi'arc – Both Skyd and Yuferius join you once you complete the Shi'arc race.
  • Role: N/A


  • Location: Impershi'arc – Yuferius, your racing coach, also becomes part of the army.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; tank and melee fighter.


  • Location: Impershi'arc – The captain of the sand ship Europhe can be recruited if you beat her in another race.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Impershi'arc – You should come across Quinn while exploring Impershi'arc, though she'd just ignore Nowa.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Daphan Village – Enoe is one of several who can join the squad once you've constructed Gocteau's Mission Guild in your HQ.
  • Role: Mission Guild – Has great stats, making him a viable option to send on missions.


  • Location: Dappled Forest – You'll spot this fella once the Mission Guild has been built and the second section of the Dappled Forest can be traversed.
  • Role: Mission Guild – Has decent stats similar to other Mission Guild-related characters.


  • Location: Eltisweiss – Go to the inn and speak with Larla.
  • Role: Mission Guild – Has decent stats when sent out on missions.
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  • Location: Abandoned Mines – Use the well at the back of the first floor of your HQ to reach the Abandoned Mines. Then, keep going left and down the narrow tunnels. Upon meeting Durlan, he says that he wants something more interesting. We were able to recruit him a bit later after reaching Town HQ Level 3 and upgrading the Mission Guild in order to unlock new tasks.
  • Role: Mission Guild – Has decent stats so he can be sent out on missions.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Arenside – Paquia and her Eggfoot companion are found in Arenside, but you need to collect five Plain Eggs.
  • Role: HQ – You need Paquia if you want to build the Racing Stables. This unlocks several functions, such as Eggfoot racing and breeding.


  • Location: Arenside – This Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes recruitable character joins around the same time as Paquia.
  • Role: Support – Increases the drop rate of eggs during battles.


  • Location: Mountain Path Homeward – Head to the northwestern pathway and have a chat with him.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Rune-Lens Research Laboratory – Yaelu and co. join automatically as part of Seign's arc.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; melee fighter.
  • Role: Support – Decreases the chance of triggering random encounters. This makes Yaelu one of the best character recruits in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


  • Location: Rune-Lens Research Laboratory – Ivy joins alongside Yaelu.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter and tank.
  • Role: Support – Increases the maximum capacity of your resource bag.


  • Location: Town HQ – Mihlu becomes part of your forces at the conclusion of Seign's mini-arc.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


  • Location: Town HQ – Marisa is considered as one of the game's major protagonists, though it takes a while until you can witness her prowess as a party member. She joins you once you're done with Seign's Ardinale arc.
  • Role: Battle – Medium-range weapon; hybrid fighter/spellcaster.


  • Location: Town HQ – You've seen Marisa and Garoo before, but this is when they join permanently.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter and tank.


  • Location: Town HQ/Runebarrows – Now that you've met both Isha and Garoo, it's time to close out the trifecta by recruiting CJ.
  • Role: Battle – Short-range weapon; melee fighter.


  • Location: Ardinale City – Clarke is looking for a play that has a lot of passion. It seems we've yet to discover this particular collectible.
  • Role: HQ – Manages the theater in your town.


  • Location: Twinhorne East – Just talk to him to have him join up.
  • Role: Mission Guild – Has decent stats.
Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: How to Recruit All Characters Part 3
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