EG vs TSM Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Playoffs

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EG vs TSM Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Playoffs

The 2023 LCS Summer Playoffs kick off on July 27 with the EG vs TSM matchup.

The journey for the LCS trophy and a spot at the Worlds 2023 starts tomorrow with two of the biggest surprising teams of the split facing off each other. EG came into the Summer with four new players and almost no expectations to repeat their performance from last year, but they proved everyone wrong from Week 1 as they’ve been at the top of the table every week. With Jojopyun growing into more of a leadership role and chasing his first MVP award, EG is looking to exceed expectations once again.

TSM on the other hand is playing what is possibly the last LCS season ever for the organization. Not only the organization is looking to end it on a positive note for its fans, but the players on the roster have a lot to prove themselves as their spots in the league aren’t guaranteed for last year.

EG vs TSM Preview


Before talking about anything else, we should note that it’s not clear yet which jungler EG will start against TSM. Despite the great start to the season from Armao, he has been struggling recently and Sheiden had some good games. But he also lacks in the experience front which is a big deal in playoffs. Considering how important Jojo is to this team, and how much junglers influence the mid lane, the decision for tomorrow will be a critical one.

Aside from that, the Geniuses have a lot of advantages against TSM. UNF0RGIVEN has been one of the best bot laners this split and Revenge is stepping up in a lot of games.


TSM needs to capitalize on the jungle situation of EG because they really rely on their mid-jungle to win games. Bugi and Insanity are the two players who mainly create early game leads for this squad, and their best chance of victory is to win that 2v2.

If they cannot, they are really on the back foot in terms of firepower. While Wildturtle had a decent split, he isn’t necessarily carrying games, and Hauntzer is trying not to lose in most of his games.

EG vs TSM Predictions

TSM might have some chance of upsetting EG if the jungle situation causes more problems than expected, but if the sub situation does not affect EG that much, they should be the favorites. Although we are expecting a close series, we are expecting a 3-2 EG victory.

How to watch EG vs TSM

Fans can watch the event on the official LoL Esports website for the chance to earn exclusive drops from Riot, which will be available throughout the whole event. Or you can catch the action on Riot Games Twitch channel and the LoL Esports Youtube channel.

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EG vs TSM Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Playoffs
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