Best Factions to Pick in Dune: Spice Wars

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Best Factions to Pick in Dune: Spice Wars

In this article, we will discuss the best factions in Dune: Spice Wars that you should pick

In the universe of Dune Spice Wars, you have to navigate through the planet of Arrakis. The intricate and complex world has much to offer, including a range of factions. This article will discuss the best factions in Dune Spice Wars so you know which one to choose!

Dune Spice Wars Best Faction

The six factions come with their own distinct strengths, weaknesses and leadership styles. These factions are: House Atreides, House Corrino, House Ecaz, House Harkonnen, The Fremen and The Smugglers. We will discuss the best three factions that you can choose!

1. House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen stands out as the dominant faction in the game. The straightforward yet deadly playstyle appeals to both newbies as well as veterans. As the epitome of villainy within the lore, this faction focuses on militaristic dominance and expansion at any cost. With House Harkonnen, you get to command armies and use ruthless tactics to control Arrakis.

The faction bonuses amplify your strength on the battlefield and in managing territories, including Intel from raiding villages and enhanced resource production through militia units. House Harkonnen's unique abilities, such as using Oppression on their own villages and sacrificing agents to expedite missions will provide you with a significant edge.

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Led by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the faction embodies despotism, ruthlessness and cunning, making your gaming experience way more intriguing. Choosing this faction will help you embrace the dark side and dominate the battles with an iron fist.

2. The Fremen

The Fremen faction are natives to Arrakis and are pretty doubtful of offworlders. Their understanding of Arrakis allows them to manage alliances with Sietches outside the territory and gain knowledge of enemy alliances.

Their unique abilities, such as wormriding and mobile Spice harvesting, make them stand out in comparison to other factions. With their exceptional melee, the Fremen excel in combat scenarios. Moreover, their ability to control Deep Deserts and summon Sandworms through Thumpers for long-distance travel grants the play many advantages.

While you can face challenges with a limited number of building slots in the villages, the bonuses can trump this weakness. If you are looking for rewarding gameplay that also challenges you, The Fremen may be the way to go.

3. House Ecaz

House Ecaz isn’t just about strategy and combat but doing all of that with elegance and elite style. With this faction, Arakis isn’t just an adventure but also a luxurious retreat with the very sophisticated yet ruthless and strategic ruler, Archduchess Armanda.

The faction bonuses allow you to focus on both defense and resource management. You get to convert surrounding neutral villages into Sanctuaries that cannot be attacked by other facts and also apply beneficial quirks to neighboring villages. Their inability to betray factions during truces solidifies their reputation as reliable allies. Additionally, with the inclusion of Champions, elite units can raise Hegemony through combat, which can then be converted into Solari production at 10k.

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Overall, you get a diverse gameplay experience with defense, economic prosperity and cultural sophistication. If you want to experience both combat and diplomacy, you will feel at home with House Ecaz!

Other Factions

While we strongly recommend the top 3 factions, other factions can also offer a thrilling gaming experience and are worth a glance. House Atreides, under the leadership of a fair and honorable ruler, excels in diplomacy and resource management. The Smugglers, while playing with the fringes of legality, offers a swift and cunning approach to gameplay. House Corrino believes in tradition and power, utilizing their bureaucratic might to maintain their dominance. There’s also a DLC faction called House Vernius who supply the demands of spacefolding ships in the galaxy.

Choosing the right faction can significantly dictate your journey through Arrakis, so make sure to take some time and decide wisely! Check out our other articles such as Dune: Spice Wars Player Base or Best Games February 2024. For more gaming news and guides, keep an eye on ESTNN!

Best Factions to Pick in Dune: Spice Wars
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