Dune: Spice Wars Player Base Surges Post Dune: Part Two Movie Premiere

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Dune: Spice Wars Player Base Surges Post Dune: Part Two Movie Premiere

4X Strategy game Dune: Spice Wars has noticed an increase in player count as players are riding on the Dune: Part Two hype train after the movie opened to blockbuster success.

Dune: Spice Wars is a 4x real-time strategy titled developed by SHiro Games and published by Funcom Entertainment. t

Dune: Spice Wars Player Base

The Dune Spice Wars player count witnessed an uptick in the concurrent player count, the highest in one year. The 24h peak player count jumped to 1807 players, according to popular data gathering website, SteamDB.

The premise of the Dune novels by Frank Herbert revolve around power struggle and geopolitics, which make it a good topic to adapt the source material into a real time strategy game. The struggle to control the most powerful substance AKA Spice in the Dune universe make up for a great real-time strategy game, and developer Shiro Games looks to achieve exactly that with their title.

The second installment of Dune, titled Dune: Part Two opened up to rave reviews, raking a USD178$ Million during its opening weekend. The release of the movie motivated players to try out this game, as the level of immersion caused fans to drool over the game, wanting to play it.

While the third installment of Dune movie is far from us, players have a Dune MMO titled Dune: Awakening slated to release in April next month.

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Dune: Spice Wars is available to play on PC via a purchase on Steam.

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