Dreamers vs. Guangzhou Charge Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Spring Stage Knockouts East

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Dreamers vs. Guangzhou Charge Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Spring Stage Knockouts East

This is the kind of Overwatch League vs. Contenders action we wanted to see in the Spring Stage Knockouts East.

Dreamers and Guangzhou Charge will get to size each other up for the very first time. Here we'll get to see just how strong top Contenders really is.



Dreamers are one of the scariest Contenders teams around. Whether or not they're scary to the Guangzhou Charge is a bit of a different story though. While they've proven themselves against Overwatch League teams like the Seoul Dynasty, top Overwatch League teams are the fiercest competition imaginable. Even well earned Contenders teams could get completely rolled over by these teams if they don't play on an Overwatch League level. If they want a spot in the finals of the Spring Stage Knockouts East they're going to need to play like they're preparing for OWL Grand Finals.



  • Sang-lok “Dreamer” Song
  • Chengjie “LiGe” Jia


  • Ji-han “Ezhan” Lee
  • Dong-woo “Spectra” Go
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  • Dong-hun “D0nghun” Park
  • Hyun-geun “Misin” Choi

Guangzhou Charge

Possibly the strongest Overwatch team in the world. Jimmy, the running leader for 2023 Overwatch League MVP, is leading this team towards a high goal. Not only do they want to run all the way through this Midseason Madness tournament, they want to take this through to the end of the season. After falling to the Hangzhou Spark in their last game, they've got redemption and revenge on the mind. They'll have to fight through one last strong team before they get another shot at their rivals in the Spring Stage Knockouts East Finals.



  • Min-jun “PIGGY” Shin


  • Se-hwan “ChoiSehwan” Choi
  • Lei “Jimmy” Yujia


  • Cao “Faraway1987” Jiale
  • Li “Xerneas” Xianyao

Dreamers vs. Guangzhou Charge Results


Ilios: Dreamers 2-0 Guangzhou Charge

King's Row: Guangzhou Charge 4-3 Dreamers

Rialto: Dreamers 4-3 Guangzhou Charge

Colosseo: Dreamers 1-0 Guangzhou Charge

Dreamers 3-1 Guangzhou Charge

Player of the Match