Does Unicorn Overlord Have New Game Plus?

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Does Unicorn Overlord Have New Game Plus?

This article will be discussing if Unicorn Overlord has new game plus after you finish the main content once

Released on March 8th, 2024, Unicorn Overlord is one of the games that people have been very much looking forward to this year. It blends a beautiful art-style and direction with well thought out strategy-based RPG combat while also having a wonderfully crafted story. And every good story requires good characters, which Unicorn Overlord delivers thanks to its plethora of personalities, having over 60 playable characters at your disposal.

Most of the gameplay revolves around working your way through the story (which takes around 40 hours for the average player) and unlocking new recruits, some of which are harder to do than others, especially because a lot of them will have you making the choice of sparing or executing them.

All this fleshed out content has led people to asking the question: Does Unicorn Overlord have new game plus?

Does Unicorn Overlord Have New Game Plus?

Does Unicorn Overlord Have New Game Plus?
Source: Vanillaware

New game plus is a great way to keep players constantly engaged in a game and having them put more hours after they finish the main story once. In general, new game plus adds more content or makes the overall difficulty a bit more tough, keeping the challenge fresh and changing the meta of expectations for a player.

But unfortunately, Unicorn Overlord has no such feature for now, which is slightly disappointing for most players, as the game is quite replayable considering how well the content plays out in the story and also how fun the combat is in general. 

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Vanillaware has not mentioned anything explicitly about adding any such mode, but most other games add new game plus in a future update, shortly after releasing the initial game. Notable aspects being the recent sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS5. So it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out for news on the horizon by Vanillaware.

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With all that being said, Unicorn Overlord is specifically designed for you to have multiple runs of the game, due to the fact that it has multiple endings. So if you want to take another crack at the game despite its lack of a new game plus, do consider getting all the endings that it offers.

Unicorn Overlord also has multiple difficulty settings, which will definitely shift the dynamic on how you approach combat, and you’re more than welcome to try them out if you want more of a challenge or simply want a chiller, laid-back experience of the game’s story. 

So everything considered, we don’t think Unicorn Overlord necessarily needs new game plus to keep things fresh, as there’s other options available for you to experience the game from a new perspective, as simple options like changing the difficulty can do a lot for the game. Regardless, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Vanillaware adds a new game plus mode in the future!

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Does Unicorn Overlord Have New Game Plus?
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