DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

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DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat freshened up the DMC formula with new mechanics. This guide will show you how to build combos in the game easily

DMC: Peak of Combat is an exciting new addition to the Devil May Cry franchise, explicitly designed for mobile platforms. This game introduces many novel features that were not previously seen in the mainline games, making it a unique experience for both new and old fans. However, some of the mechanics that were present in the mainline games have been replaced with new ones that may require some time to get used to. Overall, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a fresh take on the series that offers a thrilling gameplay experience on the go.

How to Build Combos

DMC is a series that relies heavily on building combos to beat enemies. Flashy, stylish combos are the principal thing that has made Devil May Cry the popular franchise it is. While you can still perform them here, they are not done the same way in this game. The games in the main series rely mainly on a variety of weapons you can switch to. This game does not have that feature and is replaced with character switching, a completely new mechanic in DMC. We will be looking over a few tips that can make it easier for you to perform moves similar to DMC 5.

1. Air Time

DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

Doing combos in the air is one of the best ways in which you build combos in Devil May Cry games. All the characters generally have longer, more damaging combos in the air. Their kits are fully optimized with different moves that allow players to juggle enemies in mid-air and constantly dish out attacks. Additionally, staying mid-air keeps the characters away from the ground, where most enemies of the game spawn. This keeps the characters safe while they do their flashy combos and keeps them uninterrupted.

Starting a combo on the ground and launching the enemy into the air is generally the best way to get a combo going. Almost every character has a launcher that throws enemies in the air and allows them to deal damage. Characters also get to melt through shields when the enemy is immobilized in the air, as they will remain stunned until they reach the ground again. Moreover, most enemies cannot move out of the air, which enables them to be obliterated before they can even launch an attack.

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2. Constantly Switch Characters

DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

Character switching has replaced the traditional weapon-switching system in this game. They, however, function in the same way. Usually, in the DMC games, once you use up your combos of one weapon, you change to another to extend the combo further and gain style points. In this game, when you finish your combo with one weapon, you change into another character who can unload their full combo on the enemy.

Each character has different weapons in their arsenal and different lengths of combos. They also have different style skills, ultimates, and quick time event (QTE) attacks. Unloading one character’s abilities and moving on another can unloading all their abilities can do massive damage. Additionally, each character has different variations, each with unique elemental skills. These abilities do additional damage and can work in sync with other elements.

Constantly switching characters will, therefore, help not just build combos but also extend them by using different attacks and weapons.

Adding to our first point, switching to different characters will enable different ways to keep enemies in the air. Using various combinations of QTEs and style skills, a colossal combo can be built up, allowing players to style on their enemies like never before.

3. Using Evasive Skills

Dodging and staying out of an enemy’s way is the best way to avoid taking damage. Avoiding damage allows the player to build better combos as they do not get interrupted while performing said combo. Each character has a different evasive skill that will enable them to evade in a unique way. Some characters do a flip while others dash away. Some characters zip to another enemy, and others teleport to and from enemies.

These dodging methods help players quickly move from one enemy to another to keep them in their flow. Players will stay out of dangerous situations while punishing the enemy with long, highly damaging combos. Performing a perfect dodge will also leave enemies open for a counterattack. This allows the player to come back to the same enemy and destroy them with a new string of attacks.

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4. Knowing Which Character Does What

DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

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DMC: Peak of Combat offers an extensive roster of characters, with each character having a different set of moves. These characters also have different variations of themselves who also have unique skills. Not knowing a character's combos can confuse the player as to why they are not performing the same. For example, Endless Judgement Vergil can repeatedly keep enemies on their toes by using his judgement cut ability. However, Nomadic Lightning Vergil cannot do the same and will be punished for trying to do the same.

As mentioned earlier, each character has a different elemental typing. Some of these typings can help the other out by combining different status conditions on the enemy. Knowing which character is more adept at dishing out a certain kind of elemental attack is essential while building a three-man team.

Some characters, like Frosty Grace Lady, can slow down enemies while charging her teammates’ ultimates, which will allow them to spring into action and build a combo leading with their ultimate.

5. Constantly Upgrade Your Characters

DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos

Upgrading characters, their weapons, and their skills makes them stronger and adds additional attacks to their arsenal. An unlockable move called enemy step is also found here. The enemy step allows characters to jump off of enemies and move onto other enemies near them. The enemy step can also be performed mid-air, which will enable players to cancel their attack’s animation, launch themselves in the air, and keep constant pressure on the enemy.
Upgraded attacks make the character’s moves longer and do more damage, allowing for sick moves and more style points.


DMC: Peak of Combat introduces a unique combat system that sets it apart from previous games in the DMC franchise. While this may take some getting used to for long-time fans, the game's combat mechanics still offer the opportunity to showcase stylish and flashy moves, just like in the main games. With practice and mastery of the new system, players can experience the same thrilling and satisfying gameplay that they have come to expect from Devil May Cry.

DMC: Peak of Combat, How to Build Combos
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