Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 Update – New Competitive Options, Addressing Leavers, Improvements & More

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Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 Update – New Competitive Options, Addressing Leavers, Improvements & More

The recent Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 dev update features a lot of interesting information, so let’s learn more about it.

After yesterday’s Overwatch 2 dev update we learned a lot of important information about what is to come. Besides the arrival of Venture, we also learned there will be changes to some heroes, as well as the release dates of Overwatch 2 Season 10.

Today, we have another Developer update Overwatch, but this time, it is a bit different. There are many things we need to address in today’s Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 update, so here is what you need to know.

Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 Update  – Competitive Play with Friends

According to the devs, the idea behind this update is to keep the game fun and safe. One of the first things that was addressed in the ne3west update is competitive play with friends. Season 10 of Overwatch 2 will give us access to something new called “Wide Groups”.

Wide Group is Overwatch 2, which is when the lowest and the highest-rated players are too far apart in their skill tier. For example, a group with Diamond or lower players that have 5+ skill divisions apart is considered a Wide Group. If the group with Masters players has 3 divisions difference, it will also be considered a Wide Group. The same is true for when there is a Grand Master or Champion Player, regardless of how many divisions there are between them and the rest.

The idea of the Wide Group is for players to be able to play together. However, this will come at a cost because the queue times will be longer. According to the Overwatch developer update, the devs will be using a “Role Delta tech” so that it can esure matchmaking is as close as possible.

Blizzard said that some matches may not seem completely balanced due to the differences in the ranks. The good news is that, should you find yourself in a similar situation, this game won’t impact your ranking as much. 

Once the Wide Group match is over, there will also be a new type of Modifier. This is done so that lower-ranked players don’t get “boosted”.

From what we’ve understood after the Defensive Matrix Overwatch 2 update, people who queue for solo games will only meet other solo players and “Narrow Groups”. The idea behind these changes is to encourage people to use their main accounts instead of smurfing.

Changes related to Leavers

Another interesting thing we’ve learned from the Overwatch 2 developer update is the changes related to leavers. The team has made adjustments for both Unranked and Competitive Play.

Starting with Unrakned matches, players who leave 4 games in their last 20 matches will have 20 minutes CD, during which they won’t be able to play. This CD will increase to 4 hours of they leave 6 games. 

Additionally, players will have 5-minute penalties for leaving two games and a 48-hour suspension from playing if they 10 or more games. 

In terms of leaving a Competitive Play match, players can be suspended from playing when they do this. The penalty will start at 15 min, but it will escalate and can result in a Season Ban.

Another new thing from the Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 update is that there is a cap to the number of competitive matches you can leave in a season. Players who abandon 10 matches will be banned until the rest of the season. 

Streamer Protect

Streamers and users who want to be safer will now have access to a new feature called Hide My Name. It is just like Streamer Protect, but it can be used by all players, not just streamers. When enabled, your real BattleTag will disappear, and players will see a random one.  

Once the specific match is over, Overwatch 2 players will be able to see the real player by going to the Social Menu. You can still report a given player, even if he has this mode on, so don’t worry about that.

Improvements to Avoid as Teammate

Another feature that will be improved following the latest Developer update Overwatch 2 is the Avoid a Teammate. In the upcoming update, players will be able to avoid up to 10 players, which is a lot more than now (currently, you can only do that to 3 players).

Besides the added number of teammates you can avoid, Overwatch 2 will also let you know which players you do not want to be in a game with.  

Addressing the Disruptive Chat

Harassing, insulting, and other types of negative behavior are common in OW2, as well as in any ranked game. That’s why the Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 update also addresses it. 

When a player is misbehaving, that player will have 0 endorsement rating. New players starts at 1, so the only way to reach 0 is if you are breaking the code of conduct.

Once that happens and your Endorsement Rating is 0, you won’t be able to use text ot voice chat. You will restore those options once you reach level 1.

Also, access to team and match chat channels while spectating someone will no longer be available. Friends can chat with each other using the whisper option.

Faster Reporting

Another quality-of-life change we will see in Overwatch 2 is related to faster reporting. The team has designed a new interface that will make reporting much faster.

Player Surveys

Lastly, the Overwatch developer update also stated that there will be a new feature called Player Surveys. This will allow the devs to choose players randomly once their match is over, and they will have the chance to take part in a survey or not. If they choose the first option, they will need to click a specific link or scan a QR code.

Once you take the survey, you can tell BNlizzard what you think about the events, features, and new modes.


That’s everything you need to know following the Defense Matrix Matrix Overwatch 2 dev update. We can’t wait to see these changes in action, so make sure you follow us for more information. 

Defense Matrix Overwatch 2 Update – New Competitive Options, Addressing Leavers, Improvements & More
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