Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Tier List: Weapons and Survivors

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Tier List: Weapons and Survivors

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is a spin-off of Deep Rock Galactic that is enjoying good success in the community. Drawing inspiration from the gameplay of Vampire Survivors, the game offers different characters who are able to use different weapons. But which are the best? In this article, we will provide you with a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor tier list, both in terms of the characters in the game and the weapons they can use. Obviously, a lot also depends on your way of playing and builds, but this way you can get a first impression.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Weapons Tier List

Choosing which weapons are the best is certainly not an easy thing to do. Both because there are many of them in the game (and we haven't had the chance to try them all yet) and because it depends a lot on what your strengths and weaknesses are. In any case, we have tried to create a tier list that can help all those who are new to the game and don't know which weapon to rely on.


  • M100 Classic
  • LMG Gun Platform
  • Incendary Granade


  • Krakoa Sentinel
  • “Lead Storm” Minigun
  • Breach Cutter
  • Cryo Grenade
  • Voltaic Stun Sweeper


  • Jury-Rigged Boomstick
  • “Stubby” Voltaic SMG
  • Deepcore GK2
  • TH-OR Bug Taser
  • Corosive Sludge Pump
  • “Warthog” Auto 210
  • CRSPS Flamethrow


  • High Explosive Grenade
  • Subata 120
  • Deepcore PGL
  • Hi-Volt Thunderbird
  • Colette Wave Cooker
  • Voltaic Shock Fence


  • LOK-1 Smart Rifle
  • Zhukov Nuki7
  • “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver
  • Tactical Leadburster
  • BRT-7 Burst Fire Gun


  • “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon
  • Firefly Hunter Drone
  • ArmsKore Coil Gun
  • “Hurricane” Guided Rocket System
  • Cyro Cannon
  • Neurotoxin Grenade
  • Plasma Burster
  • K1-P Viper Drone
  • Experimental Plasma Chrager
  • Nishanka Boltshark X-80
  • Shard Diffractor
  • DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine
  • Impact Axe
  • Shredder Swarm Grenade
  • Seismic Repulsor
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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor tier list

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Tier List

As for the characters, however, the choice is much more limited since there are only four. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't still figure out which one is best. Even in this case, in any case, you must always consider the way you play, because it may differ from ours and therefore you may find yourself better with one character rather than another. Generally speaking, however, this is the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor tier list that seems to bring everyone together.


Starting out as an Engineer might feel challenging, but think of him as a reliable soldier who's there to support the team. As the game progresses, his turrets become increasingly disruptive on the battlefield, especially when you unlock the perk allowing them to move alongside you. Additionally, he specializes in dealing special damage, such as fire, adding a unique dynamic to his arsenal.

So, if you're struggling in the beginning, don't lose heart. Keep honing your skills, and you will soon discover just how beneficial the Engineer can be in turning the tide of battle to your advantage. With determination and practice, you will unlock the full potential of this versatile character, adding a new dimension to your gaming experience.

deep rock galactic survivor tier list



The Driller is like the tough guy on the team. He's strong and has good weapons that can start big fires. But what really makes him stand out are his amazing drilling skills. Once you start playing as the Driller, you will see how handy his drilling abilities are. They make mining resources super easy and fast, saving you a lot of time. So, if you're looking to gather resources quickly, the Driller is your guy. With the Driller on your team, you will be able to gather all the resources you need in no time, making your adventures smoother and more successful.

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deep rock galactic survivor tier list


The Gunner is tough and ready to blast anything in his way. He's got solid DPS, meaning he can deal out a lot of damage quickly. Plus, he's a bit tanky, which means he can take some hits without going down easily. As you progress, you can even upgrade him to the “Juggernaut” class, turning him into an even stronger tank. He's an all-around great class, especially for beginners. Once you unlock him, you will see just how effective he can be in battle. Whether you're facing off against tough enemies or need someone to soak up damage, the Gunner has got you covered.

deep rock galactic survivor tier list


The Scout takes on the role of the nimble rogue and DPS dealer in the team. He's known for his speed and has a knack for dodging enemy attacks, which can be enhanced further by choosing the Recon class. However, he's as fragile as a cardboard box, and despite his decent DPS, some find him a bit lacking in excitement. To survive the endgame, one often needs to invest heavily in increasing maximum HP and Armor, which can feel like a chore.

While the firepower is appreciated, the reliance on dodge chances can be risky and frustrating. Despite these drawbacks, the Scout remains a valuable asset for those who prioritize agility and precision in combat. With the right strategy and investment, he can still prove to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

deep rock galactic survivor tier list

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Tier List: Weapons and Survivors
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