Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

This article will discuss Deep Rock Galactic Survivor best builds in depth

Developed by Funday Games, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor released on February 14th and has left quite the impression amongst players, with its satisfying shoot ‘em up gameplay, mixed with the procedurally generated world design making every level different from the next. Similar to its original first person counterpart Deep Rock Galactic, this spin-off iteration has the same classes and builds as in the original game.

With 4 unique classes to pick from, each of them has unique traits that will give you a different playstyle and approach to levels. For example, if you play Engineer, you’ll be focusing more on long range and passive damage from abilities, whereas a class like the Gunner is more of a brute force choice, with heavy weaponry shredding through enemies.

In this article, we will be looking at the best builds you can have for every class in DRG Survivor. Even though there’s just 4 classes in the game, there’s a lot to consider, so let’s get straight to it.

Driller – Best Build

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

The Driller excels at denying massive areas with his flamethrower, burning anyone and anything that steps too close to the fire. For him, we recommend sticking to the default weapons, Flamethrower and Wave Cooker as the former will do large damage against groups of enemies and the latter will excel at finishing off the enemies.

Best Driller Weapons:

  • CRSPR Flamethrower
  • Colette Wave Cooker

Best Driller Overclocks:

  • Focused Lens, Nano Waves
  • A Little More Oomph!, Sticky Fuel

Best Driller Artifacts:

  • Nitra Scanner
  • XP Scanner
  • Gold Scanner

Best Driller Upgrades:

  • Luck
  • Status Effect Damage
  • Pickup Radius

The overclocks mentioned above will facilitate the area of damage from the Driller’s CRSPR Flamethrower, and increase the Wave Cooker’s accuracy. The upgrades and artifacts will work together to help the Driller be more of an efficient miner than he already is. He is arguably the best miner in the game, so investing in these upgrades will be a bang for your buck.

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Engineer – Best Build

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

The Engineer class focuses more on using secondary equipment like turrets and sentry drones to deal passive damage to enemies while you focus on exploration and mining. Because of this aspect, he’s not much of a close-combat damage dealer. 

Best Engineer Weapons: 

  • LMG Gun Platform
  • Breach Cutter

Best Engineer Overclocks:

  • Disposable Tech, Tank Tracks
  • Ionized Plasma, Hot Plasma

Best Engineer Artifacts:

  • BRN Shield Belt
  • BLT Ration Pack
  • Squint-EE5

Best Engineer Upgrades:

  • Pickup Radius
  • Critical Chance
  • Damage

You’ll be able to unlock the Breach Cutter at level 15, which is pretty much his best-in-slot, especially for direct engagements. The overclocks let the LMG Turrets follow you around and explode when removed, adding to the passive damage of your equipment. Lastly, since the Engineer doesn’t have much damage, the Squint-EE5 will let you do more critical damage, making up for the lack of raw power.

Gunner – Best Build

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

Leading with brute force, the Gunner will gun down every enemy in his path. What makes his class convenient is that his best weapons ARE the starting ones, saving you from investing in later guns. Having said that, the minigun you start with has an extremely high rate of fire whereas the revolver will do insanely high damage for very little payoff. 

Best Gunner Weapons:

  • Lead Storm
  • Bulldog

Best Gunner Overclocks:

  • Bigger Mags, Lead Wrapped Ammo
  • High Caliber Rounds, The Favorite

Best Gunner Artifacts:

  • Clipboard of Grudges
  • FRZ Shield Belt
  • Barley Bulb Juice
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Best Gunner Upgrades:

  • Move Speed
  • XP Gain
  • Status Effect Damage

The Gunner’s main caveat is his lack of movement speed thanks to his tanky build and heavy weaponry. That’s where the Barley Bulb Juice and Move Speed upgrade comes into play, whereas the overclocks add the cherry on top of his build by adding more ammo capacity to the gargantuan minigun.

Scout – Best Build

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds

Scouts have the lowest HP out of all the classes, so the build must compensate for the lack of health. Having said that, he’s a glass cannon thanks to him having the highest critical damage modifier in the game. 

Best Scout Weapons:

  • Deepcore GK2
  • M1000 Classic

Best Scout Overclocks:

  • High Caliber Rounds, The Favorite
  • Gas Rerouting, Thick Boy

Best Scout Artifacts:

  • Vita-Miner Pills
  • Red Sugar Cube
  • Armor Grease

Best Scout Upgrades:

  • Armor
  • Max HP
  • Life Regen

The overclocks help increase the piercing shot damage and reload speed of the Deepcore GK2 and also help the fire rate of the M1000. Not to mention, it’s crucial that you get the upgrades mentioned for the Scout, as it’ll help him out with getting a bit more HP and survivability in the levels.

That concludes our guide for the best build for every class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Although this isn’t an objective list, we recommend this build anyway because of how effective the upgrades and weapons are for each of the classes. If you’re ever confused about what build to go for in your favorite character, we hope this article provides some guidance and clarity over the matter! 

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Builds
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