Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Roadmap

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Roadmap

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has just arrived in Early Access on PC and has received good reviews from both the press and critics. As usual, therefore, many have started to ask what the development team's future plans are in order to continue to enrich the game content more and more, and so the questions about a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor roadmap have started to be present on the web. In this article, therefore, we will try to take stock of the situation so that we can give you all the information you need.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Roadmap Talks About Feature Plans

The developers have released the first idea of the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor roadmap just in the last few hours and this has made it possible for us to better understand what the team's future plans are. After the release of the first update, in which 15 new biomes, new artifacts, and new elite enemies were added, the development team decided to change the rules a bit compared to the previous roadmap. For example, the update regarding Bosco has been postponed to a date not yet specified.

The intent of the development team is to make Bosco an integral part of the gameplay, giving players the opportunity to enhance him and create builds that are specific to this character. In fact, his role is not so central in the game and it is not possible to do much with him in terms of customization. However, before long, even if we don't know exactly how long, this situation will change and Bosco will be able to be considered a character on par with the others.

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The second step of this roadmap, therefore, is to add new enemies, including a new boss that you can face during your adventure. There is also no shortage of references to the general optimization of the title, such as the UI, in order to make the experience as smooth as possible.

The development team also plans to add new Overlocks to the game in the second update, in order to give people the opportunity to create even better builds that reflect their way of playing even better. Furthermore, the development team is also thinking of adding Mutators within the various biomes to make the challenge even more complicated and interesting compared to the current hazards.

Finally, there are a number of additions that the development team would like to make over time, although not in any particular order, at least at the moment. In these additions, we cannot fail to mention the desire to add new missions and bosses to face, as well as Stage Events that can be tackled or Daily Missions. Furthermore, the team also said they want to add new weapons and Class Mods, in order to make the game even more fun. In short, there are many projects at stake for Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, so we just have to wait for the team to decide to implement all these new features within the game.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Roadmap
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