Deep Rock Galactic Survivor All Classes Explained

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor All Classes Explained

If you are looking for the ultimate Deep Rock Galactic Survivor All Classes Explained guide, you have come to the right place.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is one of the newest titles on Steam that became available on February 14. The game offers a lot of different things, including 4 distinct Deep Rock Galactic Survival classes – Gunner, Scout, Engineer, and Driller. Each of them is unique, so let’s learn more about them.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Classes Overview

Now that you know the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes list, it is important to know that each one has its specifics. For starters, every class in this game has access to different stats, and they can use specific weapons. Moreover, the classes also have an effect on your interaction with the rest and your opponents. 

There will be a difference in things like your critical strike chance, HP, and more. For now, that’s the situation in the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor early access.

Another important aspect to remember about the classes in this game is that each one has three separate mods. The latter are something like subclasses, and they will have an impact on your starting weapon and stats.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Classes List

Now that you know what to expect, let’s review each class individually.


If you take a look at the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes Reddit posts, you will find a lot of people who choose Gunner. The latter is a class that becomes available once you reach Player Rank Two. Gunner is the game’s main DPS class because he deals more damage than the rest and has a lot of armor and HP.

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Regarding the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Gunnar class mods, you can choose between these:

  • Juggernaut
  • Weapon Specialist
  • Heavy Gunner

Each one is good, but you must decide what you want to experience. If we take a look at the Weapon Specialist, for example, we can see that you will get a Minigun that will allow you to do extra damage. On the other hand, the Heavy Gunner allows you to get heavy weapons that do more damage, but you will be slower.

Regarding the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor classes stats, Gunanr starts with the following:

  • Crit Chance – 5% boost
  • Crit Damage – 150% boost
  • Armor – 10
  • Max HP – 160


After the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor release date, it became clear there is a class called Scout. The latter is ideal for people who like faster gameplay and love doing critical damage. Scouts usually rely on weapons with longer-range weapons and this is the class you can start the game with.

Regarding the class mods, Scout players can pick from these three:

  • Recon
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Classic

What’s different with the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Scout class is that you can only choose the Classic option once you start playing. This will give you 10% extra movement speed and 20 extra HP. You will also get weapons that can target your closest opponent, and deal burst kinetic damage.

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As for the stats, this is what it starts with:

  • HP – 120
  • Crit Chance – 5%
  • Crit Damage – 20%
  • Dodge – 5%


Up next on our Deep Rock Galactic Survivor classes list is the Engineer. The latter relies on tech to do passive damage, and it can use drones, explosives, and other goodies. If you choose this class, you will have access to the following subclasses:

  • Tinkerer
  • Demolitionist
  • Worker

Some players may decide to become a Worker, in which case they can construct weapons, deal 10% additional damage, and have a faster reloading speed. Other people who want to play Deep Rock Galactic Survivor may go for the TInkerer alternative. Here, you get a 10% extra EXP gain, and all weapons will be at level 4. 


The last class in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor we want to explain is Driller. The latter is a class that allows you to have a “top-down view” that you can use to mine and drill. Once you choose this class, you’ll be able to select the following subclasses:

  • Strong Armed
  • Interrogator
  • Foreman

Most people will probably start the game with the Foreman, in which case they’ll get 2% extra mining speed. What’s special about it is that it can stack up to 25 times, allowing you to mine much faster. Driller’s starting gun also deals kinetic damage, and it can shoot behind a given player.


Whether you have played the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor demo or not, now you know everything about all classes. Each one is special, so make sure to give it a try.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor All Classes Explained
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