Deep Rock Galactic Survivor New Player Tips

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor New Player Tips

Here are some useful Deep Rock Galactic Survivor new player tips to help you get started in this brand-new top-down automatic shooter game

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is a new spin on the classic Deep Rock Galactic experience. The game takes the already-established world of Deep Rock and transforms it into a top-down, roguelike auto-shooter game, similar to the cult classic Vampire Survivors. However, for players who aren’t familiar with this style of gameplay, DRG Survivor’s new formula can feel a bit jarring. That is why we are dedicating this article to providing several useful Deep Rock Galactic Survivor new player tips to help you get started. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Deep Rock Galactic Survivor New Player Tips

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor New Player Tips

The basic premise of Deep Rock Galactic Survive is that you play as a dwarf who is mining for different materials in various biomes while defending against alien bugs. The more resources you gather and bugs you kill, the stronger you get! If all of these aspects seem interesting to you, here are some beginner tips to help you get your bearings.

1. Leveling Up

The core gameplay feature of Deep Rock Galactic Survivor revolves around – mining resources, killing bugs, leveling up, improving your dwarf, and repeating. So, your first step should be to kill as many bugs as you can and mine as many resources as you can. Doing this will grant you XP (small blue collectible cubes) and you will level up every time your XP meter is filled. 

2. Selecting Upgrades

Every time you level up, you will be met with a screen featuring 3 upgrades at a time. From there, you have to choose one that will be temporarily attached to your character until you die. These upgrades come in the form of improving the stats of a particular weapon, enhancing your dwarf, or upgrading the stats of a weapon or damage type.

3. Gathering Resources

What makes Deep Rock Galactic Survivor different from its counterparts is how the game emphasizes collecting resources. The goal of the game is not to just mindlessly walk around and kill everything in sight! You have to be tactical with how you move as you will need to account for gathering resources as well. There are three types of resources you can mine: gold, nitra, and red sugar. Gold and Nitra are both used to purchase upgrades in between levels, where Gold can also be used to reroll for different upgrades. Red Sugar is used to heal your character and can come in clutch when trying to finish a dive.

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4. Supply Drops

When your Progress Bar is full, this will allow you to summon a Supply Drop. These drops will land relatively close to you and can be recognized by the large circle around them. Standing in the circle will activate the supply drop and after a few seconds, it will land with a massive impact, dealing a ton of damage to surrounding bugs. Interact with the drop to receive a powerful Artifact from it. Our advice is don’t use it unless you are desperate and keep them reserved for boss fights.

5. Selecting Weapons

You start each run with a class-specific weapon and when you hit levels 5, 15, and 25, you will receive a new one. Similar to upgrades, you can reroll using Gold to get a different selection of weapons to choose from. Additionally, when your weapon reaches level 12, the game grants you Overclocks for that weapon which can drastically change the characteristic of it. Our advice would be to play with a weapon you like and upgrade it to level 12 to see how the gun feels afterward.

6. Fighting Swarms

As you progress through a run, you will eventually encounter a Swarm. These are large groups of bugs that spawn in to attack you. You have to either kill the Swarm or avoid it as the Swarm will keep chasing you around! The best course of action would be to methodically eliminate the Swarm as it will net you plenty of XP for new levels. 

7. Killing the Elite

The Elite is the boss of a level. Fighting them can be tough if you aren’t prepared for what’s to come. Kite around them and take out the enemy bugs before dealing with the Elite. If fighting them seems too overwhelming, you can always drop a supply pod on top of it to kill it instantly. Once you have done that, collect the rewards for killing the Elite and make your way to the extraction zone. Remember that you only have 30 seconds to reach the extraction zone or you'll be left behind.

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8. Visiting the Shop

After completing each dive, you will be rewarded with some tasty upgrades in the shop. Here you can spend your collected Gold and Nitra to purchase various enhancements. You can also heal 50% of your health or reroll for a different set of upgrades to choose from. When you hit continue, you will then start your next dive. Keep in mind that the Nitra and Gold you collected will not carry over to the next run. So, it is best to spend as much of it as you can before pressing continue. 

9. Diving Through the Different Levels

There are a total of 3 biomes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, where each biome has 5 levels that you can dive through. All of these levels consist of killing bugs, collecting resources, and beating the Elite. Once you are done with a level, you will be rewarded with a visit to the shop where you can spend your hard-earned resources and prep for the next level. Additionally, the more levels you successfully run through, the tougher the game gets. So, plan how you want to take on future levels beforehand. 

10. Defeating the Dreadnought

The fifth and final level of any particular biome is different from the rest. Here your objective is to locate and kill three Elites before taking on the Dreadnought. You also get access to only one supply drop. You can use the supply drop to either kill one of the Elites or damage the Dreadnought. Keep in mind that the supply drop won’t kill the Dreadnought but instead only take away 50% of its health. It is up to you to choose whether you want to use the supply drop on an Elite and kill it right away or reduce the health of the Dreadnought to make it an easier fight. So, strategize carefully before using it.

That wraps it up for our top 10 Deep Rock Galactic Survivor new player tips! Using them on the battlefield will surely make your experience more seamless than having to figure out what to do on the fly. For more features, guides, and news on Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, keep your eye on ESTNN!

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor New Player Tips
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