Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Artifacts

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Artifacts

In a game like Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, not only are the weapons you decide to use during your adventure important, but also, for example, the artifacts. With them, in fact, you are able to receive a series of bonuses that can certainly be useful for completing missions and facing the most insidious enemies. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor best artifacts that you can use, in order to have greater help in completing your objectives.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Artifacts to Use

As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect better and better resources and artifacts, so don't despair if at the beginning you don't have the ones we'll show you in this list. However, Deep Rock Galactic Survivor offers a long list of artifacts to choose from, but these are the ones that can be considered the best, since they offer more useful bonuses.

Pickled Nitra

In order to unlock this artifact, you will have to inflict 1337 damage in a single attack. It may seem difficult to do, because the damage to be inflicted is actually high, but if you have the right build, it won't be. The important thing is that you prepare a build that is capable of dealing a lot of damage, increasing the chance of dealing critical damage and that has damage buffs.

Thanks to this Deep Rock Galactic Survivor artifact, you get more powerful by making your attacks stronger. For each Nitra you have, your damage goes up by 2%. But keep in mind that your speed drops a bit, by 0.5% for each Nitra you are carrying. So, the more Nitra you collect, the stronger you become, but a bit slower too.

deep rock galactic survivor best artifacts

BLT Ration Pack

To get this artifact, you will have to reach 300 map HP, so this is not an impossible mission. When you have this artifact, you can keep going when things get super hard. It helps you zip past those scary bugs without a scratch and it even helps you heal without needing any fancy stuff. Seriously, there's nothing else out there that can match how awesome this artifact is for keeping you safe and sound.

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Scanner Artifacts

These are actually three different artifacts, but we decided to group them in the same position because they are similar. The XP Scanner artifact is unlocked by default, while to unlock the Gold Scanner and Nitra Scanner artifacts, you will need to obtain 250 Gold and Nitra, respectively. Even in this case, therefore, it is not an insurmountable requirement.

If you're digging heaps instead of hunting for experience points, you will want any of these three scanners. Even if you're battling those creepy bugs more often, these artifacts still come in handy. They help a lot when you're clearing out space around the Supply Pod or making a quick escape through walls while those bugs are hot on your tail.

Popup Tripod

To obtain this artifact in Deep Rock Galactic you will have to kill 15 thousand aliens standing still. Basically, you'll have to let the game kill the enemies for you. How? Simple. Simply choose the Engineer class and then place the turrets that are present in its arsenal. By doing this, you will be able to get to the required number quite quickly.

Although it is quicker to unlock using the Engineer, once it is present in your inventory, you can also use this artifact for the other classes that are present in the game. Indeed, when you stay still for a bit, your gun gets better. Your shooting speed and reloading get 2% faster for 2 seconds. And you can do this up to 10 times, making your gun super speedy if you stand still long enough.

deep rock galactic survivor best artifacts


To unlock this artifact in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, you will need to reach a 75% Critical Chance. To do this, you will absolutely have to rely on what your loadout is, as this statistic depends on that. However, as you continue in the game, you may realize that focusing on this parameter is not that convenient and therefore turn towards something different.

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However, in case you have a build and loadout that rely on this stat, you should definitely consider this artifact. With this special artifact, your chances of hitting a weak spot go up by 30%. And when you do hit that spot, your damage doubles. But overall, your regular damage takes a bit of a dip, down by 30%. So, it's really up to you whether to use this artifact or not.

Barley Bulb Juice

In order to unlock this artifact, you will first need to reach 50% Move Speed. In Deep Rock Galactic Survivor this is an important parameter, so we are sure that you will have no problems achieving this goal. Once you have unlocked the artifact, it will be able to give you some benefits. When you stop moving for a moment, you get faster. Your speed gets a boost of 5% for 3 seconds. And if you keep standing still, you can stack this up to 5 times, making you really speedy if you take a breather.

Nitragenic Powder

To obtain this artifact in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor you will have to collect Nitra. In fact, you will need to get at least 2000. Not such a low number, so expect to have to play more runs. However, once you finally manage to get to the required number, you will have a very useful artifact in your hands.

Thanks to this artifact, for example, you can get the Squint-EE5 in the blink of an eye, since it will make your chance of hitting weak spots better by gathering Nitra. For every bit of Nitra you have, your Critical Chance goes up by 0.5%. So, the more Nitra you collect, the better your chances of scoring critical hits.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Best Artifacts
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