Decay and IZaYaKI Boston Uprising 2023 OWL Playoffs Interview

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Decay and IZaYaKI Boston Uprising 2023 OWL Playoffs Interview

The Boston Uprising 2023 OWL Playoffs roster was one stacked with former champions alongside Decay, who was ready to get a first of his own.

IZaYaKI you've been here before and you've fought your way through the bracket and you've come out the other end a champion. Do you feel like you're prepared to do the same thing this year or is the idea of a new season's Grand Finals still daunting?


“In 2021 is the year that I won the championship. I still have pretty much the same identical mindset and thoughts right now as I did in 2021. We prepped a lot for this season and playoffs. If we play how we used to in scrims and in the prep, it's going to be smooth sailing going to the finals and winning the championship is possible.”

Decay you are notably surrounded by former champions on your team. How badly do you want to join them here in the champions club?


“I trust my teammates and that they're gonna make me win the championship. Also, I am eager to win the championship really bad, but at the same time they're gonna carry me.”

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