Could Epic Games Have Huge Plans for Fortnite’s Future?

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Could Epic Games Have Huge Plans for Fortnite’s Future?

What Epic Games' hopeful valuation increase could mean for Fortnite’s future.

Fortnite creators Epic Games have seen a monumental rise for the popular Battle Royale title since its release three years ago. Reports back in December of 2018 estimated that Epic Games profited nearly $3B USD at that time two years ago. Since then, Fortnite has continued to excel, capturing the money and attention of gamers of all different ages. The game alone almost single-handedly boosted Epic Games valuation to $15B USD. A report from Bloomberg this week indicates that the Fortnite developers are in talks to raise that valuation significantly.

Boosting above $15 billion

The Bloomberg article stated that Epic Games “held talks to raise a new round of funding valuing it above its last valuation of $15 billion.” The Fortnite developers are making a massive push in 2020 for more funding, which would bring their valuation “significantly higher than $15 billion.” Although the exact figure is unclear, this effort by Epic Games could mean much more for Fortnite’s immediate and long-term future.

Future of Epic Games and Fortnite

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There’s no doubt that Fortnite is still popular, though maybe not as popular as it once was. Fortnite Chapter 2 seems to have cooled off some of the more hardcore players. However, the upcoming Travis Scott concert and current collaboration could reinvigorate life into the once titanic Battle Royale title.

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More funding could bring more opportunities and in-depth changes to Fortnite. We must remember that Epic Games has a lot more on its plate than just Fortnite. The Bloomberg article mentioned that the gaming developers “acquired Houseparty last year for an undisclosed sum.” Epic is actively broadening their horizons and is not restricting themselves to Fortnite. A company worth $15B USD does not get there because of one game. Many fans within the competitive community took this news positively with hopes of more tournaments and larger prize pools in the future.

Tempered expectations

Davis “Ceice” MacClellan of 100 Thieves is just one of many pro players who looked at this news from a positive perspective despite the state of competitive Fortnite. The tournament scene has arguably hit an all-time low despite some outstanding gameplay during last weekend's Fortnite Champion Series Finals.

Players are generally unhappy, but viewership and interest still exist. For the first time in a long time, viewership on Fortnite peaked at over 500K viewers.

However, the servers are still borderline unplayable, and the developers recently delayed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 until June.

With competitive players in the dark and the world enduring a pandemic, there’s no telling what will come next in Fortnite. We can only hope that some of the estimated valuation increase for Epic Games will find its way into Fortnite one way or another.

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Sources: Tech Crunch and Bloomberg

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