Complexity To Launch TimTheTatman Limited Edition Merch

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Complexity To Launch TimTheTatman Limited Edition Merch

Complexity and TimTheTatman are set to launch a co-branded line of limited edition apparel.

Video game streamer Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar has had an exciting few weeks. First, the 31-year-old left the Twitch streaming platform and inked an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. Mere weeks later, Betar left the free-agent market, joining Complexity Gaming as a streamer and co-owner. The veteran content creator and lifetime Dallas Cowboys fan is trending upward, and the sky’s the limit.

On top of signing with Complexity, Betar’s merchandise opportunities grew to another level. He now has the Dallas Cowboys logo and likeness to utilize to build his own brand and elevate Complexity. On that note, Complexity and TimTheTatman have teamed up for an exclusive crossover merch drop, due to occur at 12 PM CST on Tuesday, October 5.

It’s the first of presumably many, and ESTNN has the complete catalog and information you might need to know.

Complexity x TimTheTatman

The Complexity and TimtheTatman apparel crossover, including limited edition shirts, hoodies, shorts and caps

Those who attended TimTheTatman’s launch event to celebrate his signing with Complexity will recognize the apparel above. More than 1,000 fans appeared at TimTheTatman’s celebration event; and those who couldn't make it can still get their hands on these exclusive designs. The limited-edition merchandise includes various hats, shorts, shirts and hoodies that honor Tim’s logo, the Dallas Cowboys and Complexity’s extensive history of success in esports.

It’s the best of both worlds for the 31-year-old—who is now part of an organization that’s connected to his beloved Cowboys football team. What’s more, this merchandise launch is another step in the “lifestyle” territory for Complexity.

The Complexity x TimTheTatman apparel release will occur at 12 PM CST on October 5. Interested parties should head over to Complexity’s website to look at the pricing and availability around that time. It’s unclear how long the limited edition merchandise will be available for purchase, but the “limited” tag tells us it won’t be very long.

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